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New! A "State of the Science" General Poster application has opened at the 2019 Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators (formerly Assembly of School Faculty) in Houston, TX. Deadline: October 15, 2018

NOTE: The Poster Session application for the 2019 Annual Congress in Chicago will open in mid-February 2019.  Annual Congress deadline: April 1, 2019.

Poster Session Application  

Critical! Please ensure you have updated your username (to your email address) and password for our new web site before beginning your application. If you change your login information later, your progress will be lost.

An opportunity for CRNAs and nurse anesthesia students to present their research findings and innovative educational approaches through poster presentations. Research, literature reviews, and innovative, creative techniques in anesthesia are appropriate topics. Each application fee is $25, and at least one CRNA or SRNA must be included in the list of authors. Oral presentations, poster tours and poster contest will take NOT place at this meeting.

Deadline for the Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators (ADCE) meeting:
General Poster Presentation: October 15

All applicants must review the links below prior to completing the online form. You are also required to expand the lists below to get further instructions. Note: the last two videos are suggested, not endorsed, by the AANA Foundation.  

If you are not a member of the AANA, please email foundation@aana.com for instructions about non-member submission and the $150 USD application fee.

You may start your application only after you have reviewed the steps in the list below. 

I attest that I read the information below prior to beginning my application for the ADCE meeting.

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Pertinent Information

  • All categories are eligible for general poster presentation.
  • No oral poster presentations, poster tours or poster contest will take place during this meeting.
  • Applications submitted without final results and/or conclusion will not be processed.
  • Proposals will not be accepted.
  • Each poster application must have a unique presenter and email address. We will only converse with the poster presenter to ensure direct, timely communications.* In the case of co-presenters, you must list only one contact name.
  • Only one application from each team/project is allowed.
  • The presenter's name must appear in the list of authors.
  • At least one author on each team must be a member of the AANA, or pay the non-member fee.* 
  • Some fields require AANA member ID numbers. If the author, presenter or payer is not an AANA member, indicate N/A in the ID number field. (At least one of those fields must contain an AANA member ID number in order to receive the member rate.) The payer ID number must be the person who is paying for the application fee.
  • Refrain from using military email addresses as they block important communications from us. Use a personal one instead.
  • You must have IRB/IACUC approval before applying if applicable to your project, and indicate that your IRB/IACUC status is approved, exempt, or non-applicable within your application.
  • You must keep a copy of your abstract's content in case the reviewers ask for revisions of the text.
  • Where applicable, the fields have character (not word) maximums which include letters, symbols & spaces.
  • Do not use bullets or acronyms. Complete sentences are required.
  • Once you submit your application, you must pay for your application. You will have the opportunity online to download/print a receipt after payment on your profile page under "My Orders." You will not receive an emailed receipt or confirmation email. Do not contact the Foundation office regarding receipt of your application.
  • Download a complete list of guidelines.
  • REQUIRED! Name all uploaded attachments for your application with your personal information as follows:
    LastName_FirstName_DescriptiveFileName (i.e.,Doe_John_CV)

*Exception: One presenter can present two posters if they are related to the same subject matter and fall into the same category and subcategory.

Scoring Process

Tech Support and Troubleshooting

We recommend Internet Explorer for best results when completing your application. You may experience technical difficulties that we cannot rectify if you use other browsers. Download Troubleshooting Your Technical Issues. Tech support is available Monday - Friday, 9 am to 4 pm CT only so we recommend completing your application well before the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Notifications and Communications

Please add foundation@aana.com to your list of approved email contacts, and check your inbox and spam folder regularly for important notices from us until the meeting takes place. Our goal is to email winner and non-winner notifications in a timely manner, and all notifications will be sent on the same day. All notifications will be sent a few days before the meeting's early bird deadline. Do not contact the Foundation office regarding notifications.


  • Adjustments to authors, titles, credentials, etc. will not be accepted after submission.
  • Only substitutions for poster presenters will be accepted on or before January 1, and will be assessed an additional $25 processing fee.
  • Presenter substitutions will be accepted only once per poster presentation, and must include written notification from the original poster presenter and a completed registration form with payment for the substitute presenter.
  • If a non-member substitutes for a member, the non-member rate applies. Download the ADCE Poster Presenter Change Fee Form and email to foundation@aana.com.


All cancellations must be received via email by January 1, or you will be assessed a $100 fee. Poster application fees will not be refunded under any circumstances, including those outside of our control.