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Welcome to the Student Wellness page of the AANA website. My name is Adrienne Chavez and I am an SRNA at the University of Maryland. I am excited to be the student representative for the AANA’s Health and Wellness Committee for the fiscal year 2020. A little about myself: I love being outdoors, traveling, eating, and exercising. Although this program can be overwhelming at times, I believe our health should always remain a top priority.

Adrienne Chavez, SRNA

It’s easy to place our health on the back burner when we have clinical, exams, and research papers to complete, but I challenge you to perform at least one act of self-care a week. Self-care can include activities like exercising, meditating, eating healthier meals, or pulling away from the books for a couple of hours and spending quality time with family. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please take a look at the numerous resources AANA has listed on

Substance use disorder (SUD) can affect anyone. If you or someone you know needs information regarding SUD, please use the AANA Peer Assistance hotline at 800-654-5167. This hotline provides 24/7 confidential live support to all CRNAs and SRNAs concerning SUD. Help is also available at

If you have tips, tricks, or suggestions that you’d like to share, or need additional resources or ideas, please contact us at I wish you all good health and much success this year!

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It's not your imagination - student nurse anesthetists are stressed! Here is what you can do about it.

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