Advertising Opportunities

The AANA offers a comprehensive, multichannel advertising program including print, digital, and content marketing offerings. Learn how you can reach nearly 54,000 CRNAs year-round:

  • AANA Journal
  • AANA NewsBulletin
  • AANA E-ssential
  • Online Career Center
  • AANA Congress Daily

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Contact HealthCom Media (HCM)

John Travaline
Associate Publisher 
215-489-7000 ext.118

Cara Sosnoski
National Accounts Manager

Mary Chris Schueren
Recruitment Accounts Director

Meredith Haywood
Sales Support Specialist
215-489-7000 ext.100

Rent AANA's Mailing List

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists makes available a listing of member names and addresses to people interested in mailing information to AANA members. Membership mailing list rental is available only for AANA-approved mailings. The purpose of the mailing must be submitted with your order. AANA reserves the right to refuse fulfillment of any mailing list rental order if the AANA does not approve of the purpose and/or the mailing materials. For more information and order form, go to AANA's Mailing List Information and Services.


Infographic: Discover the Power of  the CRNA

Discover the Power of the CRNA