PR Recognition Awards Guidelines


Each year the AANA Communications Committee honors and officially recognizes state associations, individuals, or other entities in one of four different categories for outstanding public relations efforts that contribute significantly to the positive image of the nurse anesthesia profession.


  1. PR Recognition Awards Contest entries are accepted in four categories. More than one category can be entered (with the same or different PR materials). The categories are as follows:
    • Best overall public relations effort for the past year, to be awarded to an individual, state association or other organization.
    • Best public relations effort by an individual, small group, organization, or company not affiliated with a state association.
    • Best promotional effort for National CRNA Week, to be awarded to an individual, organization, or state association.
    • Best use of “CRNAs: The Future of Anesthesia Care Today” campaign to promote the nurse anesthesia profession by an individual, organization, or state association.
  2. All entries must be submitted to the AANA Public Relations Department via the online submission form by the date specified in this document. Only ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS will be accepted.
  3. Recognition Awards Contest judging will take place during the Communications Committee meeting on the Friday before the start of the Annual Congress. Winner(s) will be notified by phone that Friday afternoon; other entrants will be notified of the judging results by email that evening.
  4. The PR Recognition Awards Contest winner(s) will be announced at the Opening Ceremonies during Annual Congress. Winners will receive a plaque to commemorate their achievement.
  5. Winners’ names are added to an inscribed plaque on permanent display in the AANA Executive Office.

Eligible Candidates for Award

Eligible candidates are any state association, individual CRNA or SRNA, CRNA group or anesthesiology group that employs CRNAs, healthcare facility that uses CRNAs, educational program, company, or other entity that submits documented evidence of positive PR activities related to nurse anesthetists during the year. An entrant may be self-nominated or nominated by someone else. In either case, documented evidence of the nominated PR campaign must be submitted for judging by the committee.

Considerations in Judging

Considerations in Judging

  1. Category entered. 
  2. Originality of project.
  3. Quality and thoroughness of materials submitted for judging. (NOTE: Each entry should be accompanied by supporting materials compiled and presented in a well-organized, electronic format. All written materials must be typed—scanned handwritten notes will not be considered. Examples of supporting materials may include copies of plans, press clippings, photographs, letters, proclamations, testimonials, memoranda, media transcriptions, video - please provide a link to the video, do not upload the actual video, Power Point presentation, etc.) In other words, make your best case as to why your entry should be considered the winning entry!
  4. Achievement of stated objectives in execution and results of PR campaign.

Judging Procedures

Judging will be done by the AANA Communications Committee the day before the Annual Congress.


Deadline Coming Soon

All entries must be completed and submitted electronically using the online submission process.

All entries become the property of the AANA unless specifically arranged in writing with the AANA. Portions of the award entries, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, and photographs, may be used in promoting PR Awards entries. By submitting your PR Award entry, you agree to allow AANA to use some or all of the material without additional approval or permission.