Mark J. Haffey
I AM ME, MarMark Haffeyk J. Haffey, MSN, CRNA, APN, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Dedicated to my Patients, my Co-Workers, and my Hospital Community, Clinical Preceptor, SRNA Mentor, Past Chair of the AANA Student Mentorship Program, and Graduate of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program.

I AM ME, Driven to make a difference in my community, Youth Sponsor in my Church, Assistant Basketball Coach for my daughter’s team, devoted father of my 2 amazing children, loving husband, avid outdoorsman, and thankful for God’s Amazing Grace.

I AM ME, AANA Vice-President, Past AANA Region 4 Director, Past President of the Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetist, Unwavering Advocate for ALL CRNAs, Innovative Leader, and Always willing to “Go the Extra Mile.”