Dave Schwytzer CRNA
AANA Insurance Services is above and beyond the best malpractice insurance option for nurse anesthesia professionals.
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Keith Macksoud MA, APRN, CRNA
I cannot recommend AANA Insurance Services highly enough.
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Dan Simonson MHPA, CRNA
I have a moonlighting policy through AANA Insurance Services.
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Kristie Hoch DNP, CRNA
I trust in their experience and commitment to our profession.
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Linda Williams JD, CRNA
I've had a policy with AANA Insurance Services since the agency was established in 1989.
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Jack Hitchens BA, ARNP, CRNA
I ensure my career and business are protected with coverage through AANA Insurance Services.
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Rishelle Yhou MS, LLB, CRNA
Coverage flexibility and stellar customer service
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Current AANA Insurance Services Insured
Fantastic service - best of any of the insurance I purchase: home, life, auto, etc.
Ruth Coffey Administrative Assistant
AANA puts their employees first. They offer excellent benefits and a work environment that is discrimination free. AANA’s management team really takes an interest in their employees; therefore employees go above and beyond their actual duties to help out whenever needed.
Linda King Senior Customer Service Representative
I’ve worked for AANA’s Insurance Department for nearly seven years. In fact most of the staff in our Department are long time employees, that certainly says something about the Employer, right?
Colleen Ross Receptionist
I love working at the AANA because of the people. Interacting and assisting our members, combined with the camaraderie among my coworkers, make my job very satisfying and rewarding. I can honestly say I enjoy coming to work each day!
Irma Melendez Professional Practice & SGA Associate
A great place where people are a pleasure to work with so it makes it enjoyable to come to work.
JP Mason Associate Director
The AANA has a strong culture and recognizes its employee’s contributions. I feel valued, knowing that leadership and association members alike truly appreciate my work. Best of all, the AANA is not complacent, but instead is always striving to improve upon the workplace.
Clare Boehmer Executive Assistant
Working at the AANA for the last 11 years has provided me an opportunity to balance my work/family life. In the early years my children were young and the flexible hours and close proximity to their schools were a gift. Now that my children are older, I can focus more on the many opportunities available for me to grow professionally.
Mary Graf Membership Manager
CRNAs are very passionate for their profession. As a staff member, it is easy to share that passion and know we are highly valued for our supporting roles. We are located in Park Ridge, Illinois nestled in this town with a “no place like home" feeling.
Steve R. Wooden DNP, CRNA, NSPM-C
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Mindy K. Wallace CRNA, MSN, FAAPM
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Bruce A. Schoneboom PhD, CRNA, FAAN
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Kay K. Sanders DNP, CRNA
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