State Health and Wellness Exhibit Toolkit

There are lots of ideas for drawing attention to your AANA health and wellness resources.

  • Download handouts, flyers, and signs to display,
  • Order AANA Peer Assistance or Adverse Events cards, or
  • Print posters at your local print shop.

To order "CRNA Practice Well" imprinted items that display, please contact Alyssa Rojo, MSN, RN at for links to trusted vendors and AANA graphics.

Let us know if you have any specific needs or new ideas to share. See the State Health and Wellness Resources page for other exhibit ideas.

Download Handouts, Flyers, and Signs

AANA Articles:

AANA Flyers/Signs:

Additional Handouts:

  • NCSBN Handouts and Posters
  • Fun and inspirational posters from Action for Happiness
  • Order or print information on wellness topics of healthy eating, physical activity, stress reduction, etc. These partner well with informational brochures your wellness exhibit focus and provide a take-away for attendees.
  • See these AANA Health and Wellness pages for links to free government brochures to order and distribute: Eating Nutritious Foods and Moving in Healthy Ways

Order from the AANA

Email to order a quantity of AANA Peer Assistance Helpline laminated wallet cards or "badge buddies." Include amount needed and mailing address.

Order a supply of Adverse Events Resource Cards (login required; shipping charges apply).

Wallet Cards

AANA Peer Assistance

AANA Peer Assistance

"Badge Buddies"

AANA Peer Assistance Badge Buddy

AANA Peer Assistance Badge Buddy

Print Posters

If you'd like to easily add something visual, here are several color and size artwork options to print posters at your local print shop: 

2018 CRNAs Practice Well poster 18x24 blue



        2018 CRNAs Practice Well poster 24" x 36" blue

        2018 CRNAs Practice Well poster 24" x 36" white

        2018 CRNAs Practice Well poster 18" x 24" blue

        2018 CRNAs Practice Well poster 18" x 24" white


  Any questions, contact or 847-655-1114.