State Health and Wellness Exhibit Toolkit

Create a Health and Wellness Exhibit!

  • Always include the SPA or state wellness committee members in any health and wellness or substance use disorder exhibit or lecture during the state association meeting so attendees know where to get help.
  • Recruit local students, or CRNAs who work together, to help organize or "staff" the table; great learning experience and intro to getting involved in the state association.
  • Offer fresh fruit, healthy granola bars, or bags of nuts and dried fruits in attractive display, or host chair massages for a wellness break.
  • See below for resources to creating a display and handouts (flyers, articles, free government brochures on wellness topics) to download and print.
  • Lead some simple stretches during meeting breaks. Here are 10 simple stretches to choose from and below is a handout for attendees.
  • PowerPoint lecture "Health and Wellness Activities for State Associations" 
  • Ordering imprinted items - we have a couple of vendors we've had success with in the past. Please contact for links to these companies.   

Health and Wellness Exhibit Handouts and Ideas

See also the list of CRNA wellness and SUD speakers. One idea is to show the Making Lemonade video, hold a group discussion, and share available resources. 

Let us know if you have any specific needs or new ideas to share. 

Order imprinted items to sell, raffle, or "give-away" to invite attendee participation and enjoyment - convert school carnival type games ("lollipop tree") or hold challenges, e.g., push-ups, sit-ups, or use a child's basketball net to score baskets.

AANA Peer Assistance

  Getting Help Wallet Card Front side Getting Help Wallet Card Back Side

AANA Peer Assistance laminated wallet card, email to order a quantity for your state meeting (include amount needed and mailing address). Also see above for If you See Something, Do Something table sign.

Want to create a display?

There are lots of ideas for drawing attention to your health and wellness resources.  Don't worry, it doesn't have to be stellar or require artistic talents.  And actually, if doesn't even have to be an exhibit or display. Often, if you have a bowl of fruit or healthy snacks that will bring meeting attendees to stop by and perhaps also review the resources and have a conversation.  See the State Health and Wellness Resources page for some ideas. 

Committed to Promoting Professional Well-Being Poster
If you'd like to easily add something visual, download this artwork, which your local print shop can produce into a  24" x 30" poster: 

Committed to Promoting Professional Well-Being



Please note, the "Create a Health and Wellness Exhibit" toolkit replaces what was formerly the AANA's State Travel Wellness Exhibit program.  The resounding success of requests for the popular traveling booths created many logistical challenges, especially during the busy Spring and Fall meeting seasons.  We'll continue to add to this toolkit to help customize your display and resources for your state meetings. Any questions, contact or 847-655-1114.