CRNA Wellness and Substance Use Disorder Speakers

When planning a state association meeting or anesthesia professional seminar, a health and wellness related lecture can add to continuing education content and also benefit the well-being of your meeting attendees, see the list of topic ideas below. We've also collected names of CRNA speakers-for-hire on a variety of wellness and/or substance use disorder (SUD) topics. Regardless of the topic, it's important to increase awareness of the available online resources at AANA Wellness and AANA Peer Assistance for ongoing support. 

Below you will find each speaker's name, email address, home state, and willingness to travel for speaking engagements.

Speakers List

Here you will find each speaker's name, email address, their home state, willingness to travel for speaking engagements and the substance use disorder and/or health and wellness topic(s) for nurse anesthesia professionals.

  • Loretta (Ann) Bostic, DNP, MBA, CRNA,, WV, willing to travel, topics: SUD, stress reduction, peer assistance
  • Anthony Chipas, PhD, CRNA,, SC, willing to travel, topics: Stress, SUD, CRNA wellness
  • Ferne M. Cohen, MSN, MS, CRNA,, NJ, willing to travel, topics: SUD and wellness
  • Jose Delfin D. Castillo III, MS, CRNA, ARNP,, FL, willing to travel, topics: CRNA burnout
  • Jennifer Ferguson, MSN, CRNA, and Kat Venden Heuvel,, NC, willing to travel, topics: Teambuilding in the workplace/nurse anesthesia programs, how groups form and perform 
    Note: Jennifer is also a certified Zumba instructor
  • Rigo Garcia, MBA, CRNA,, IN, willing to travel, topics: SUD, addiction and co-dependency, denial and how to overcome this barrier, SUD facts, chronic pain vs. chronic use, treatment of chronic pain in the addict, future drug abuse and treatment options, reporting and identifying obligations for employers, personal story of an addicted CRNA
  • Gary Hahn, BSN, CRNA,, VA, willing to travel, topics: Adverse events and second victims, SUD and peer assistance
  • Adrienne Hartgerink, DNP, CRNA,, VA, willing to travel, topics: Wellness, stress management, student stress, resiliency, positive coping mechanisms, SRNAs and SUD
  • Martha Kral, BSN, CRNA,, GA, willing to travel, topics: SUD
  • Joshua Lea, MBA, CRNA,, MA, willing to travel, topics: Wellness, presentation on research study of CRNA burnout, work engagement, job satisfaction and turnover
  • Lynn Macksey, MSN, CRNA,, NC, willing to travel, topics: SUD and drug diversion prevention
  • Meri Gilman-Mays, DNP, CRNA,, OH, willing to travel, topics: Workplace incivility strategies for dealing with difficult co-workers, emotional intelligence, burnout, resilience, leadership vs. management
  • Alison Melle, CRNA,, WY, willing to travel, topics:  Understanding SUD and my personal story
  • Patti (Bright) Parolari,, VA, willing to travel, topics: CRNA Teams
  • Bridget Petrillo, CRNA,, CA, willing to travel, topics: SUD
  • Lynn Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA,, IL, willing to travel, topics: Adverse events, critical incident stress management, addiction, recovery and return to practice
  • Bernadette T. Roche, EdD, CRNA,, IL, willing to travel, topics: SUD, hostile work environments, and adverse events/second victims
  • Ryan Shores, DNP, CRNA,, FL, willing to travel, topics: Wellness, student wellness, and physical well-being in nurse anesthesia education
  • Jack Stem,, OH, willing to travel, topics: Addiction in the anesthesia professional, stress management for SRNAs and CRNAs, relapse prevention, Suboxone for detoxification and medication assisted treatment of opioid addiction
  • Linda Stone, DNP, CRNA,, NC, willing to travel, topics: Substance use disorder (SUD), workplace wellness, critical incident stress management (CISM), adverse events
  • Major Peter Strube, MSNA, APNP, ARNP, CRNA,, WI, willing to travel, topics: CRNA and leadership, dealing with difficult people, illegal drugs and the anesthesia impact, lateral violence and workplace bullying, technology and internet addiction
  • Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA,, MD, willing to travel, topics: Stress to wellness, SUD, healthy coping mechanisms
    Note: Jessica is also a certified Yoga instructor
  • LCDR Tiffany Uranga, DNP, NC, USN, CRNA,, MD, willing to travel, topics: Health and wellness, SUD, stress reduction 
  • Larry Van Atta, CRNA,, UT, willing to travel, topics: SUD
  • James R. Walker, DNP, CRNA,, TX, willing to travel, topics: Fatigue, stress, SUD
  • LaChelle Wieme, APRN, CRNA,, MN, willing to travel, topics: Addicted anesthetists
  • E. Laura Wright, PhD, CRNA,, AL, willing to travel, topics: SUD, return to work, relapse prevention, work pressures and depression, suicide, the addicted patient, drug diversion prevention.

Wellness/SUD Topics

See also Wellness Education and Research 


State associations, please contact speakers directly for further information; we've provided this as a convenience only and it does not indicate endorsement or approval by AANA. All information has been provided by the speakers, who are solely responsible for the content. The AANA has not investigated or examined the content of any listing or speaker presentation. ​

Potential speakers, if you'd like to be added to this list, the requirements are AANA membership, commitment to share related information on AANA resources, such as getting help for substance use disorder or finding resources for physical and mental well-being, bullying, adverse events, workplace wellness, student wellness, etc.  We also ask lecture content be accurate, current, and appropriately cited. For more info, to request being added, and/or collection of short URL links to resources, email