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AANA Board Conference Call Update

  • Posted By: Garry Brydges - President, DNP, MBA, ACNP-BC, CRNA , FAAN
  • Nov 30, 2018

Following is a brief update on the AANA Board’s conference call on November 27, 2018:

ASA ACT Position Statement—now it’s our turn

While we are reaching out to educators and Chief CRNAs to assess the impact of the ASA ACT Position Statement, we are also doing the following:

  1. Generating FAQ documents for educators and members
  2. Completing legal analysis of the ASA statement
  3. Developing the AANA’s Statement on Defining the CRNA Role
    • Many of you have provided outstanding feedback, which is being incorporated.
    • An AANA Board work group—Dina Velocci (Lead), Steve Sertich, Sally Poepsel, and Sonya Moore—will be generating the first draft for presentation to the AANA Board during our next call on Dec. 11.
    • I will provide you with an update on the task force’s progress after that call.  

Governance/Election Task Force renamed Governance Research Task Force

This emerged from a resolution led by AANA member Ashley Fedan during the AANA Business Meeting in September. We expect this to be a long-term project to examine our entire election process, governance structure, and organizational execution. In addition, the AANA Cultural Assessment will be incorporated into this process ensuring that the AANA aligns with our members’ feedback on organizational culture. The goal of this group will be to incorporate content experts into the decisions, which means you!

  1. The following AANA Board members will spearhead this project: Angela Mund (Lead), Howie Drews, John Hanlon, Maribeth Massie, and Debra Diaz.
  2. Premise: Utilize initiatives and feedback led by AANA members to drive the future of your organization.

Full Practice Authority Task Force

This task force was formed to evaluate graduate preparation for nurse anesthetists to ensure that CRNAs are ready to practice to the full scope of their education and training upon graduation.  The Task Force has a charter, work plan, timeline, and interim report from the February 2019 BOD meeting. In addition to the current task force members, I have added Board member Howie Drews due to his solo practice since graduation and his understanding of the charges from the Board.

What else have we been up to . . .

An anesthesiologist providing a lecture at the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) on rural-practicing CRNAs was blatantly defaming our high-performing CRNAs in rural West Virginia. Thanks to AANA member Jeff Molter’s quick action, the IARS has retracted that lecture from their content. Strong work, Jeff! Additionally, AANA member and chief CRNA Jake Lindstrom, who works with the anesthesiologist, discussed the matter with her and their department chair. Kudos to Jake Lindstrom and your chair for doing an excellent job representing your CRNAs in your workplace. You are definitely a leader other CRNAs should seek to emulate in their clinical practice sites.

The New Hampshire Board of Nursing approved the nurse anesthesiologist descriptor for use. Thanks to AANA member Mark Vojtko for leading the way in New Hampshire. 

I look forward to building more Brydges with the membership in two weeks. Stay tuned. In the meantime, please send your comments on the above items to Please include the title of topic in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!