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San Diego Awaits in 2020 - Here are Some Fun Facts to Entice You!

  • Aug 12, 2019

In 2020, it will have been 11 years since AANA last congregated in San Diego (2009). The AANA 2020 Annual Congress will be held Aug. 14-18, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center. This beautiful city by the sea has so much to offer! Visitors can look forward to the San Diego Zoo, the Gaslight District, beautiful ocean views, and some of the best weather in the country (fingers crossed).

But did you know:
  • The top employer in San Diego is the U.S. Navy.
  • You cannot shoot a jackrabbit from the back of a streetcar.
  • San Diego produces the most avocados in the U.S.
  • San Diego County is home to the most missions in the country. You can view Mission San Diego de Alcala, Mission San Luis Rey, Mission San Antonio de Pala and Mission Santa Ysabel by taking the California Missions Trail.
  • San Diego was home to everyone’s favorite wacky children’s author, Ted Geisel – more frequently referred to as Dr. Seuss.
  • The country’s first drive-in restaurant, Oscar’s, was opened in San Diego by Robert Oscar Peterson who later founded the fast food chain Jack In The Box in 1951.
  • San Diego’s North County Inland region is home to California’s longest zip line, La Jolla Zip Zoom, which stretches more than a mile between four towering stations nestled in the foothills of Palomar Mountain. Visitors can soar at speeds reaching up to 50 mph over breathtaking backcountry and the San Luis Rey River.
  • La Jolla, the “Jewel of San Diego,” is home to seven famous sea caves including the only land-access sea cave on the California coast, Sunny Jim Cave. The surrounding La Jolla Underwater Park, teeming with marine life, is the West Coast’s first coastal underwater preserve, created in 1970.

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Start looking forward to gathering with your colleagues for the largest nurse anesthesia conference in the country! Join us in San Diego from Aug.14-18, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center!