Congress Daily - Pre-Issue 2

Calling All Eligible Voters: Participate in the Business of the Association

  • Aug 5, 2019

On Friday, Aug. 9, 2019, there will be a Bylaws and Resolutions Hearing in Crystal Ballroom A, from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. The six proposed bylaw amendments will be discussed, and emergency resolutions may be submitted during the open hearing at this meeting. There are currently no proposed resolutions for the 2019 Business Meeting.

On Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, at 1:15 p.m. CDT, the AANA Annual Business Meeting will be live streamed via a link on the homepage of Keep in mind: No bylaw amendments or resolutions will be voted on during the Business Meeting.

A quorum must be present - 200 members and at least 25 states - for the business of the association to be conducted at the Business Meeting.

All documents needed for the Business Meeting can be found on the AANA Meetings app or AANA website (Member login required). There will be no hard copies provided at the Business Meeting. Please download and/or print any document that you wish to refer to at the above link.

Voting Process
All eligible voting members will be able to vote on the final proposed amendments.

After the Business Meeting on Saturday, video of the debates for each amendment will be uploaded to the secure online voting site for viewing by eligible voters.

On Sunday, Aug. 11, voting members will receive an email with voting instructions and a link to the voting site. Please Note: Members who have opted out of communications from AANA will not receive the email message. Please update your profile settings if you have opted out of AANA emails.

The voting site will remain open for 24 hours. A quorum of 200 voting members representing a minimum of 25 states must cast votes in order for the online voting results to be valid. Voting will end 24 hours later on Monday, Aug. 12. The results of the voting will be announced on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

In the event that a quorum is not reached at the 24-hour mark, another reminder email will be sent to voting members and the voting will continue for an additional 24-hour period.

Eligible members may vote onsite - there will be private voting booths in the Exhibit Hall next to the Connect Lounge.