Public Relations Achievements Recognized at Opening Ceremonies

  • Aug 10, 2019
Each year during the Annual Congress, the AANA Communications Committee reviews and selects the best public relations efforts for the past year. The winners of the 2019 Public Relations Recognition Awards were chosen from 13 submissions received from state associations, individuals, and small groups not affiliated with a state association. Congratulations to the winners of this years awards:

Best Overall Public Relations Effort for the Past Year:
Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists                         

The Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA) used a multi-faceted approach to reach out to leadership throughout the state along with developing methods to educate and engage the public on the role of the CRNA. The TxANA recently developed and launched a new video campaign “Get to Know CRNAs,” an animated explainer video. This video series was strategically and artistically designed to educate the Texas State House and Senate leaders and reach a wider audience across the state.

Best Promotional Effort for National CRNA Week to be Awarded to an Individual, or State Association:
Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists

The objective of the Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists (LANA) 2019 CRNA Week campaign was to promote awareness of CRNAs across the state of Louisiana.  Louisiana accomplished that goal using several methods including billboards, press releases, local television appearances, proclamations through governors and mayors, and face to face outreach.  

Best Public Relations Effort by an Individual, Small Group, Organization, or Company not Affiliated with a State Association:
Wake Forest School of Medicine Nurse Anesthesia Program, Class of 2019

The Wake Forest nurse anesthesia program set out to strengthen its reach via social media, promote the CRNA profession to millennial and younger groups, improve diversity among the nurse anesthesia profession, and increase student activism.  These goals were accomplished by broadening social media reach through the production of a Facebook live video. Students at their nurse anesthesia program presented to over 10,000 attendees at more than 10 events since October 2018.