Happy 10th Anniversary to the Anesthesia E-ssential!

Take a look back at the inaugural AANA eNews issue!

It was June 30, 2009, when the very first issue of AANA's email newsletter was distributed to its members. The newsletter was then known as "eNews," and one of the news items featured in the issue revealed a contest to name the fledgling newsletter. The winning entry, Anesthesia E-ssential, took effect in August 2009.

Some items of interest that appeared in the first AANA email newsletter include:

  • The August 2009 launch of AANALearn
  • FY2008 AANA President Jackie Rowles' Off the Cuff taped talk (a podcast predecessor)
  • Election results - can you guess who was elected President-elect for FY2010?
  • Various federal initiatives - health reform, graduate nursing education, propofol sedation device, funding for military CRNAs, and more
  • Position Statement 2.14 "Securing Propofol" was released
  • The introduction of AANA's Twitter account: @aanawebupdates, and more.

Compiled and edited by AANA Managing Editor Linda Lacey for the first 9 years, eNews was first presented to the AANA members by AANA President Jackie S. Rowles. The newsletter was the recommendation of the Virtual Communities Task Force appointed by FY2006-07 President Brian Thorson.

Originally, eNews/Anesthesia E-ssential was published on the 15th and 30th of each month (depending on weekends and holidays), and was developed for five main reasons:

  1. To provide members with important news and information in as timely a manner as possible.
  2. To drive traffic to the AANA website.
  3. To provide abstracts of articles and research papers on topics of interest to nurse anesthetists, culled from thousands of periodicals and websites.
  4. To generate non-dues advertising revenue.
  5. To consolidate many of the blast emails sent by the AANA into one blast email—eNews!