IV Saline Solution Shortage

In light of the current IV saline solution shortage and its effects on AANA members and their patients, the AANA has been in contact with an FDA representative in the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Incident Management Group.  The IV saline shortage has been an ongoing issue since 2014 and has been exacerbated by the impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico.  The FDA continues to work within its authority to increase IV saline solution supply levels in the United States. 

The AANA continues to monitor this issue and will post relevant information on this webpage and other AANA communication channels.  If your facility is experiencing a shortage, it can be reported to drugshortages@fda.hhs.gov to help the FDA gauge the extent of the shortage.   Please note, this email address is to provide information to the FDA and may not result in an immediate response or resolution.

Visit the FDA IV Saline Solution webpage for manufacturer-specific updates and information. 

The following actions are being taken by the FDA:

  • The FDA is working closely with local and federal authorities, and manufacturers of saline and other products, to help address the needs caused by challenges to the basic infrastructure in Puerto Rico.  This includes:
    • Taking steps to help a subset of critical production facilities gain access to fuel or generators;
    • Connecting companies to other parts of the federal and local government to help clear roads or secure transport priority to import critical raw ingredients.
  • The FDA is working with federal and local government partners to prioritize a small number of critical facilities based on public health needs, including plants that manufacture IV saline bags, for consideration or prioritization to gain earlier access to the electrical grid.
  • The FDA has allowed temporary importation of IV fluids from Baxter facilities in Ireland, Australia, Mexico and Canada and from B. Braun in Germany.
  • The FDA continues to expedite review of drug applications that may help relieve shortages. The agency recently approved Fresenius Kabi and Laboratorios Grifols saline products and anticipates that availability of these products will help address the shortage.
  • The FDA is encouraging the expansion of production at existing facilities to meet shortfalls.

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