Bullying, Disruptive Behavior, and Workplace Civility

Bullying is a costly workplace harassment leading to negative emotional and physical health. Bullying victims may experience emotional repercussions, such as anxiety, depression, and leading to potential substance abuse. Physical symptoms may include increased sickness, nausea, headaches, and insomnia.

These physical and emotional symptoms in nurses can lead to reduced professional competence, increased absence from work, and development of learned behavior that the bully culture is just "part of the job." In a 2014 study, over 50% of nurses and nursing students experienced verbal abuse within the previous year. This speaks to the fact that 60% of nurses leave within 6 months of employment due to bullying; yearly cost to each hospital - $4.4 to $7 million/year. 

Sources: Stop Bullying Toolkit Fact SheetThe High Cost of Nurse Bullying

Stop Bullying Toolkit

Stop Bullying Toolkit

  • Truth tools to assess your organization/environment/staff
  • Wisdom tools to obtaining knowledge and information
  • Courage tools to address behavior
  • Renewal tools and resources to support healing


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