Physical Well-Being 

A state of physical well-being is not just the absence of disease. It includes lifestyle behavior choices to ensure health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and to live in a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit.

You'll find articles on this topic in the Wellness Milestones index. The links in the below list address a number of aspects of caring for your bodily health.

We are a proud partner of the American Nurses Association Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ movement. Join for tips, strategies, and inspiration to help get healthy by prioritizing physical activity, rest, nutrition, quality of live, and safety.

Eating Nutritious Foods​

Getting Enough Sleep/Fatigue

AANA Fatigue Resource

Fatigue can affect every aspect of a well individual - both personally and professionally. Lack of adequate rest is an element of fitness-for-duty.

Other Fatigue/Sleep Resources and Articles 

Healthy Aging

Aging is inevitable—but aging in a healthy way is your choice, and it's never too early too start!  

Below are links to tips for yourself or the older individuals in your life. Also, Retirement: Riding the Next Wave is a helpful article from the Wellness Milestones index.  

Healthy Aging Resources 

Younger Next Year

Younger Next YearYou can instill healthy habits today to take charge of healthy aging. 

According to Chris Crowley, 70 percent of aging is optional! Crowley was the 2012 Jan Stewart Speaker who provided motivation and practical advice for the CRNA and student audience in San Francisco.  We recommend his books:

  • Younger Next Year
  • Younger Next Year for Women
  • Thinner This Year 

For more resources about retirement, visit "Transitioning to Retirement" on AANA THRIVE.

Keeping Cool and Safe in Summer

Keeping cool is not just a matter of comfort: Hydrate, keep well, and keep yourself, loves ones, and pets safe in the summer. This short CDC video shares tips to "prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths by staying cool, hydrated and informed."  

Enjoy some fun ideas, like chilling your mattress and eating spicy foods, as well as practical ideas such as checking tire pressure and storing food properly. Here's an assortment of info to help keep you cool in the summer heat, along with some valuable summer safety information:

Kicking Smoking

Looking for help to stop smoking?

See more info - AANA For Patients, Stop Smoking!

Another option might be to look into support from your workplace or Employee Assistance Program (EAP); EAPs generally provide helpful resources, and often financial incentives, to quit.

Managing Chronic Pain

Moving in Healthy Ways

Get in the Action:
Moving in Healthy WaysWherever you are - workplace, state association meeting, nurse anesthesia educational program, local community - join the action (or organize for you and your colleagues). Open the list item What You Can Do about Workplace Wellness on the Wellness in the Workplace page.

Just 30 minutes a day!

You've probably seen lots in the news about the health risks related to a sedentary lifestyle, along with the benefits found from walking just 30 minutes day. Learn more about fitting this into your daily routine at Every Body Walk! 

10 Simple Stretches:
Include some simple stretches in your workday to improve or maintain your flexibility and prevent workplace injuries. (See below)

Supporting Physical Fitness Resources

10 Simple Stretches

Following are the ten simple stretches for flexibility and injury prevention, which can easily be exercised in a CRNA workplace. These WebMD
were featured in the January 2014 Wellness Milestones article, Maximizing Your Work Time to Prevent Injury by CRNAs Tiffany Uranga and Eddy Steele. Enjoy!

  1. Stand up and sit down – You might be surprised that this can be a little challenging without using your hands.
  2. Shoulder Shrug – Lift your shoulders up to your ears. Hold for three seconds and release. Repeat this exercise three times. Also, try slowly moving your head ‘yes and no.’ By over exaggerating the moves, you get a good neck stretch.
  3. Air Circles – With your hands extended in front, or to your sides if there is enough room, clench your fists and make circles in the air with your fists. Do each direction 10 times and vary the size of your air circles.
  4. Wrist Stretch – With your left hand stretched out in front of you, palm facing down, bend your wrist and point your fingers toward the floor. Use your right hand to gently pull the fingers of your left hand to increase the stretch. Repeat with the right hand. Now, with the left hand stretched out in front of you, palm facing up, bend the wrist and point your fingers up. Use your right hand to gently pull your hand closer to yourself to increase this stretch. Repeat with the right hand.
  5. Torso Twist – Inhale and as you exhale twist to the right grabbing your chair to help increase the twist. Hold the twist and see how far behind your right shoulder you can see with your eyes. Repeat this stretch to the left.
  6. Leg Extensions – Grab the seat of your chair and extend your right leg straight so that it is parallel to the floor. Point your toes forward and then flex them back toward yourself five times. Release your foot back to the floor. Repeat on the left side.
  7. Big Hug – Ensure you are sitting or standing erect, give yourself a hug. Hold this position as you breath slowly. Try to increase the area between your shoulder blades upon each exhale.
  8. Cross your Arms – With your left arm stretched across your torso, grab your left forearm with your right hand. Keeping the left arm straight gently pull it across your chest with the right hand. Repeat with the right arm.
  9. Leg Hug – Sit on the edge of your chair. If it has wheels, make sure it is wedged against a wall or anesthesia machine so it does not roll. With your feet flat on the floor lean over and bring your chest to your knees. Give your legs a hug and feel the stretch in your back and shoulders.
  10. Look Up – Sitting up tall in your chair, stretch your arms overhead and interlock your fingers. Turn your palms up toward the ceiling. Tilt your head back lifting your chin in the air as you look up toward the ceiling. Inhale and exhale a few times and then release.

Brigham Young University Nursing Students happily demonstrate workplace wellness stretches

Big Hug     
Big Hug    

Cross  Your Arms
Cross Your Arms

Torso Twist
Torso Twist

Do you have any favorite stretches not listed here? Share them with us or send feedback (see below) on these ten, email

For more information and resources, CRNA Workplace Ergonomics (Mayo Clinic stretching videos), Workplace Wellness, and the collection of published Wellness Milestones.
Member Feedback 
Email from a Maryland CRNA: 

I really enjoyed seeing the 10 flexibility stretches in the January NewsBulletin; what a great way to reduce stress and stay focused.  

I have tight hips, thus one stretch I do is: sitting erect in a chair or on a stool with my left foot firmly planted on the floor, I take my right ankle and place it above my left knee. If I am not too tight I will bend forward with a straight back, inhaling and exhaling a few times in this position. I release my right foot back to the floor and repeat with the left foot.

Thanks for sharing these great stretches!

Jessica Switzman, CRNA, MSN

Workplace Ergonomics for Anesthesia Professionals

The anesthesia work environment offers unique challenges due to ergonomic wellness because of some equipment is fixed in its location, creating difficulties when mobility would be advantageous. The ergonomics of anesthesia must take into account the mental as well as physical stressors associated with the job. Unfortunately, ergonomics is an area of anesthesia that has received little attention and should be addressed through more education and training for workplace wellness.

Ergonomic Resources 

Tips from CRNAs

  • For maximum neck comfort, adjust the vertical position of the screen. To find the ideal, sit comfortably in your chair, close both eyes and relax, then slowly reopen. Position screen where your gaze initially focuses. Martha Kral, CRNA
  • Freezing cold in the OR? Buy a chargeable warming vest that stays warm for up to 8 hours! Order a waist cooling wrap for warm blooded colleagues. Debbie Barber, CRNA

Stopping Domestic Violence

If you are in danger call 911. Or reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or TTY 1-800-787-3224. Additional resources:

Domestic Violence NCADV"Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality," according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

Taking Care of Your Eyes

Links to information about vision care.

More? See Wellness in the Workplace for safety and disability topics. 

Working with a Disability

Disabled Nurses Information and Support 

Supporting Organizations

Government Agencies

Non-Clinical Work Opportunities when Faced with Challenges as you Transition Career Paths

Are You In Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Problems? 

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