The Journey

Your transitions in practice

The mid-career phase for CRNAs is marked by certain professional milestones, personal turning points, and work/life balance challenges. Mid-career CRNAs may be highly confident in skills and clinical judgment. Some may move into roles in leadership or education. This can be a rewarding, busy, and challenging part of the CRNA journey.

Late-career CRNAs are a large subset of the CRNA workforce and some continue to work past conventional retirement age. Access to work opportunities, ongoing training, bias, age discrimination, and generational conflict are common issues that affect late career professionals. Solutions to late career challenges can improve the final years of practice and help sustain the CRNA workforce.

Preceptor Resources

Precepting may not come intuitively to CRNAs. Learning to precept and mentor in a structured environment may be beneficial to the preceptor - as well as the learner.  

Financial Resources