The Beginning

Congratulations! You're entering practice.

Similar to most new beginnings, the early years as a CRNA can bring both excitement and uncertainty. On one hand, your hard work and sacrifice during your time in nurse anesthesia school has paid off. You passed boards and you are now gainfully employed – you did it! On the other hand, you might be experiencing a new set of stressors, perhaps you are deciding which CRNA job is the best fit for you, or researching student loan repayment plans, or struggling to navigate a new healthcare institution as a novice practitioner.

If any of these concerns sound familiar, you are not alone. The transition from SRNA to CRNA can be an underappreciated and unmentioned challenge within our community. With that in mind, you have come to the right place. Below are several resources to help you THRIVE by putting your best foot forward during this part of your journey as a CRNA.

The Transition to Practice

Certification / Recertification

Obtaining Financial Independence

Finding a Job