Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) 

AIR is a national moderated virtual community of CRNAs and student nurse anesthetist in (or in need of) recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). AIR is an organization involved with both education and networking to help one another achieve and maintain sobriety/clean time and reach out to those who still suffer.  Members can post at their personal comfort level of sharing. It is absolutely confidential and anonymous without affiliation to any organization, including the AANA; no reporting function with any certifying or licensure body.

 AIR - for info and to join 

or call Larry 435-901-1197 or Bridget 203-996-1322

In Person AIR Meetings

At each AANA meeting, AIR moderators hold an open AIR meeting on-site and welcome all the attend. The purpose is to provide support to all who have been "touched by addiction" and introduce participants to the power of 12 Step Recovery. Please check each meeting's program for date/time. 

AIR meetings are also encouraged for every state nurse anesthesia association meeting.

AIR Tips for the Holidays

  • These days I celebrate the holidays by doing what I usually do every day: praying with recovery and spiritual readings, exercising and meetings. Fortunately one of the Fellowships in the area has an alkathon (for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) so I go make several stops there and hit a few meetings (which are held every hour). Other than that, nothing is really different from any other day. I have recently started going to Al-Anon with my sponsor and have found it very helpful!
  • Overbuying gifts at Christmas was so "wrapped up" in my self-worth, it fed my perfectionism (my favorite character defect). how could perfection be a character defect?  Yes, it is, and continues to be one of the many great things I have learned in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I am better every year. As I live far from family, I am making an effort to NOT isolate this holiday. I am saying yes to the few invitations I have received.  i arrive with my favorite bottle of water, not on an empty stomach, not thirsty, angry or tired.  I exercise when I don't want to, I go to bed earlier than I want to and go to a few more meetings than I want to. I am blessed to live in a place of eternal sunshine even in winter, being outside is good for my soul, keeps my spirits up so I won't look for substances to do so.
  • I am so grateful for December.  Daily Reflections are about Step 12 this month.  Reminds me to practice these Steps in all my affairs.  That has got ALL of my life in better perspective.  Pray every morning for those who need my prayers and I am not aware of it.
  • No matter what, don't use!!
  • Today the holidays affect my program very little. Meetings, phone calls, reading and step work as usual. I recover like I used, with commitment every day.
  • Since doing Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), and after many years of therapy (which I am still doing), I have claimed the Holidays as my own and personalize everything from my tree (decorated in bugs, flowers, birds, etc.) to breakfast Christmas morning for those without families to visit with.  My husband is in recovery so many of our friends are also and the parties we attend are sober ones.  We attend church, going to the Children's service since we think the kids are so adorable and also embracing the child still present in both of us.  I will  fix breakfast again Christmas morning.  It is very peaceful.  We love it.  

Articles and video about AIR

Members of AIR agree 

Members of AIR agree with the American Medical Association (AMA) definition that chemical dependency is a primary, psychosocial, and biogenetic disease. The symptoms of the disease are cunning and baffling as is the disease itself. 

Although there is no cure for addiction, there can be lifelong remission contingent on:

  • Prompt detection
  • Intervention
  • Treatment
  • Adherence to aftercare program involving 12-step groups, peer support groups, and carefully timed re-entry into the anesthesia profession.
  • Re-entry must be structured with tools such as back-to-work contracts.  

There are recovering anesthetists working as disciplined professionals all over the country today, who are grateful to be in recovery.

The AIR link is to external sites, which are provided as a convenience and do not imply endorsement. AANA Health and Wellness/Peer Assistance is not responsible for any content on the AIR site but hopes that the resource can help support your sobriety and well-being. 


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