History of AANA Peer Assistance 

In 1983 the AANA Ad Hoc Committee on Chemical Dependency was appointed to address concerns that anesthesia providers, because of their exposure and the nature of their work, appear to be at a high risk for substance abuse. This committee served as a resource and support for nurse anesthesia professionals and students; it grew and expanded to today's Peer Assistance Advisors Committee, who continues this work through the helpline 800-654-5167, education, advocacy, and policy recommendations.  

In 2004 the AANA Wellness Program began with the objectives of developing and implementing functional strategies encompassing health promotion and the elements of wellness, balance, and self-care. Working together on key issues of education for the prevention of occupational risk of substance use disorder (SUD) addressing the importance of personal health lifestyles for anesthesia professionals, the two groups collaborate as AANA Health & Wellness. 

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