Opioid Safety and Advocacy Toolkit

There are many possible solutions to address the various elements of the current opioid crisis. These complex issues require the expertise of many stakeholders from healthcare, the communities and policy agencies in each state for success. CRNAs, SRNAs and state associations are uniquely positioned to contribute through leadership or participation in collaborative initiatives to reduce the impact of the opioid crisis in their state. The AANA offers this toolkit checklist to provide guidance and help identify opportunities to create, lead or serve when asked to be involved in a state or community initiative. 

What are the opioid initiatives in your state?*

Alabama - Georgia

Hawaii - Louisiana

Maine - Montana

Nebraska - North Carolina

North Dakota - South Dakota

Tennessee - Wyoming

A Collaborative Approach to Responding to the Opioid Epidemic

*If your state has resources to add to this list, please email them to practice@aana.com