Code of Ethics for the CRNA: Overview and Resources 

This code establishes the ethical standards for the nurse anesthesia profession and guides the certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) in ethical analysis and decision making in daily nurse anesthesia practice. 

What is the Purpose of the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics serves the following purposes:

  • Sets forth the ethical values and responsibilities of the individual CRNA and the profession of nurse anesthesia as expressed in broad principles of conduct and professional integrity.
  • Expresses the nurse anesthesia profession’s understanding of its commitment to society.
  • Applies to CRNAs in all practice roles (e.g., clinical practice, nurse anesthesia-related leadership, education and research activities).
  • Serves as a resource to the AANA Board of Directors in reviewing and acting upon complaints of professional misconduct against members of the AANA. 

What are the Topics Covered in the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics has several expanded sections, including the preamble, ethical responsibility as a professional, and ethical responsibility in research. Topics covered include:

  • Responsibility to patient
  • Responsibility as a professional:
    • Competence and responsibility in professional practice
    • Leadership
    • Clinical practice and the interdisciplinary team
    • Role modelling and education of others
    • The profession
  • Responsibility in research
  • Responsibility in business practices
  • Responsibility when endorsing products and services
  • Responsibility to society

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