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Pacira BioSciences Funds Educational Webinar Series Produced by Anesthesia Providers

  • Apr 30, 2019

For Immediate Release: April 30, 2019
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Park Ridge, Ill. – In support of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), who as anesthesia and pain management experts are at the forefront of providing solutions to the opioid misuse crisis, Pacira BioSciences, Inc., has partnered with the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) to provide educational resources to fund a webinar series concerning various aspects of enhanced recovery. As millions of Americans suffer from prescription opioid use disorder, CRNAs advocate for patients by educating themselves and other healthcare providers about the importance of enhanced recovery.  Enhanced recovery after surgery protocols are multimodal perioperative care pathways designed to achieve early recovery after surgical procedures by maintaining preoperative organ function, reducing the profound stress response following surgery, optimizing physiologic function, and facilitating recovery.

“Continued improvement of enhanced recovery after anesthesia is necessary, and we appreciate the forward thinking of Pacira BioSciences to support learning that will ultimately improve patient outcomes,” said AANA CEO, Randall Moore, DNP, MBA, CRNA. “Nurse anesthetists are well-positioned as members of the interdisciplinary team to provide holistic, multimodal pain management for patients of all ages, across the continuum of pain, and in all clinical settings.”

While the development, implementation, and continued improvement of enhanced recovery after anesthesia is embraced across the United States, adoption rates of one or all of the elements of comprehensive, interdisciplinary, patient-driven pathways vary. The adoption rate of at least one pathway may be as low as 15% nationwide. Through this webinar series, the learner will have opportunity to explore and acquire fundamental information and skills necessary for an enhanced recovery program success to improve patient outcomes and contribute to organizational health.

“CRNAs are among the many healthcare specialists in the United States who are striving for ways to provide patients with safe, effective, and empathetic anesthesia and pain management that isn’t opioid  dependent,” explained Moore.

About Pacira BioSciences
Pacira BioSciences, Inc. is a leading provider of non-opioid pain management and regenerative health solutions dedicated to advancing and improving outcomes for health care practitioners and their patients. The company’s long-acting local analgesic, EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) was commercially launched in the United States in April 2012. EXPAREL utilizes DepoFoam®, a unique and proprietary product delivery technology that encapsulates drugs without altering their molecular structure and releases them over a desired period of time.  In April 2019, the company acquired the iovera system, a handheld cryoanalgesia device used to deliver precise, controlled doses of cold temperature only to targeted nerves. To learn more about Pacira, including the corporate mission to reduce overreliance on opioids, visit

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