CRNAs in the News

One of the main strategic priorities of the AANA Public Relations Department, and a key benefit of membership, is to promote nurse anesthesia to hospital administrators, policymakers, healthcare professionals, patients, and others through print, broadcast, and digital media. Below are recent news items about CRNAs, AANA, and nurse anesthesia that were published, posted or broadcast after dissemination by AANA. Additional news items will be added regularly to this list. All links are accurate upon posting but may become obsolete due to publishers moving content or expiring older content.

Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Can Last for Years, Nurses Ask U.S. Administration for Help 
BioSpace (garners 2 million visitors), May 2020

AANA Partners with 47 Nursing Organizations to Remove Practice Barriers in the VA 
MorningStar (3 million visitors), May 2020

Healthcare providers risking their lives deserve hazard pay
Modern Healthcare, May 2020

Identical Twin Sisters Working on Frontlines of COVID-19
The Tamron Hall Show, May 2020

Patient care or politics? The argument over who administers anesthesia inside the country's VAs
CBS46 (Atlanta), May 2020

Airway experts' work puts them inches from where the virus lives
Associated Press, April 2020

COVID-19 Update: Newswise Live Expert Panel
Newswise, April 2020

AANA Partners with 24 Organizations to Ensure Access to Quality Patient Care
AANA, April 2020

AANA Applauds Gov. Cuomo’s Call for Hazard Pay for Frontline Healthcare Workers
AANA, April 2020

Parkdale Center and AANA Launch Free Virtual Support for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19 Pandemic
AANA, April 2020

Despite the Risks, Retired Illinois Health Care Providers are Answering the Call as Hospitals Battle a Pandemic
Chicago Tribune, March 2020

Florida CRNAs Prepare for COVID-19 Patient Surge with Collaboration and Innovation
AANA, April 2020

Twelve U.S. Governors Issue Executive Orders to Remove Physician Supervision of Nurse Anesthetists
AANA, April 2020

HHS Begins Delivery of CARES Act Relief Grants to CRNAs
AANA, April 2020

Two UI SRNAs Helping Rural Hospitals Use Anesthesia Machines as Ventilators
KWWL 7 (NBC, Waterloo, Iowa), April 2020

Nurse Anesthetists Can Practice Independently Amid Pandemic, CMS Says
Becker's Hospital Review, April 2020

Ravenswood Native Takes on COVID-19 in New York Hospital
CRNA Heather Angus is featured. Article cites AANA in best practices for nursing during COVID crisis.
Jackson Newspapers, March 2020

CMS Suspends Supervision Requirements for CRNAs
AANA, March 2020

Hospitals Weigh Do-Not-Resuscitate Policy for COVID-19 Patients - Mask Supply Woes - Production of Medical Supplies Goes Into Overdrive
Crain's Chicago Business, March 2020, 53,313 circulation

New York's Health Care Workforce Braces for Influx of Retirees, Inexperienced Staffers
Politico, March 2020, 26 million visitors per month

AANA and VA Partner to Care for Veterans During COVID-19 Pandemic
AANA, March 2020

AANA Issues Statement on the Use of Self-Supplied Personal Protective Equipment
March 2020

Illinois' Stay-at-Home Order in Effect as of Saturday Evening
AANA CEO Randall Moore.
NBC Chicago, March 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic
AANA CEO Randall Moore.
ABC Chicago, March 2020 

AANA, ASA and APSF Issue Joint Statement on Use of Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 Pandemic
Associated Press, March 2020, Worldwide circulation 

Nursing Groups Meet with Trump Over Coronavirus
Becker's Hospital Review, March 2020, 1,160,000 average monthly visits

President Meets with Nursing Industry
ABC Washington D.C., March 2020

Nurses Warn They Don't Have Enough Protective Gear to Combat Coronavirus
NBC News Now, March 2020

AANA CEO Attends White House Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Response
Associated Press, March 2020, Worldwide circulation

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