Voices of Vietnam
Ernest Ayo Photos


Camp Kue Army Hospital, Okinawa.
"Paradise compared to the Vietnam MASH units."


John Wayne visit Okinawa

John Wayne (right) visiting Okinawa. "He really is tall."



Aerial view of Okinawa.


Basic Trainng, Camp Eagle

Basic training, Camp Eagle.


Fort Sam Houston Quad

"Fort Sam Houston where we all trained.
Home of the infamous 'Snake Pit' bar (hook-up city)."


Nurses trolling for jellyfish

China Sea Beach.
Nurses trolling for jellyfish.


Early Mazda

Two seat, two cylinder early Mazda.


Captain Ernest Ayo with Captain Frank

"Me and Lt. Frank recording music on reels."


Captain Ratkus and Captain Ayo at China Sea Beach

"Captain Ratkus, DDS, and me at China Sea Beach."


Local Rice Merchant

Local rice merchant.


Pass the scissors game

"Teaching the nurses to play 'Pass the Scissors'."


Bob for apples

"Our apple-bobbing champ, Lt. J. Kenet."


Hospital bowling team

Hospital bowling team accepting 1st place. "Our
'secret plan'—Buy our opponents greasy potato chips
and keep our fingers dry."