A Tranquil Place of Honor

"AANA Dedicates Monument to Military CRNAs at Fall Assembly"

from AANA NewsBulletin, January 2006, cover story
On Nov. 11 through 13, 2005, CRNAs from around the country gathered at the Fall Assembly of States held at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare (hotel). In addition to sessions on patient safety, government relations, and leadership development, the Fall Assembly featured an open house and reception at the AANA headquarters and a tribute to military CRNAs.

On Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005, the AANA dedicated a new fountain and flagpole, donated by the AANA staff, to nurse anesthetists past and present who have served in the military. In his dedication speech, AANA President Brian Thorson, CRNA, MA, said: "As part of the AANA's year-long celebration of its 75th anniversary, we are here to honor all those nurse anesthetists who have accepted the call to serve in the U.S. military. Just like our brave soldiers, nurse anesthetists have been drafted, injured, killed in combat, and suffered as prisoners of war. In gratitude for their compassion, skills, and vigilance—and in appreciation for their courage and sacrifice in defense of our freedom—the AANA dedicates this tranquil place of honor."

As part of the ceremony, Past President Frank Maziarski, CRNA, MS, CLNC, and Lt. Col. Kari Howie, CRNA, MSN, BA, USAF, NC (Chief of Clinical Operations, Air Combat Command, Nurse Anesthesia Consultant to the Air Force Surgeon General), unveiled a plaque in front of the building, which reads:

"Ever since the Civil War, nurse anesthetists have cared for soldiers in times of peace and war. In gratitude for their compassion, skills, and vigilance, and in appreciation for their courage and sacrifice in defense of our freedom, the AANA hereby dedicates this tranquil place of honor on the 12th day of November 2005."

The open house also offered attendees the opportunity to meet staff members, tour the building, and see first hand the AANA's museum of vintage anesthesia equipment, the archives/library, the new fountain and flagpole, and improvements recently made to the building's exterior and landscaping.

Monument Plaque

A Tranquil Place of Honor Plaque

The plaque is placed directly in front of the fountain outside the AANA building entrance.

AANA Fountain

The flagpole, fountain and plaque are visible to all who pass by, enter or exit the AANA headquarters building.

AANA Flagpole