Why I Became a CRNA

Sherry Owens, MSN, CRNA

  • Sep 29, 2009

CRNA Since 1994

Sherry OwensI have been blessed in so many ways. As a child, my parents instilled in me a sense of purpose. They encouraged me to achieve greatness. My father called me “The Bold One,” no doubt due to my unwavering insistence to wear the heel of my socks on top of my feet. Their faith in me, and love for me was the driving force that started me on my journey. Has this journey lead to the greatness that they saw for me? I don’t know. What I do know is that choosing to become a CRNA was the greatest step I took.
Being a CRNA has afforded me opportunities and experiences that have not only made me grow as a professional nurse, but as a person as well. As CRNAs, we are in the unique position to connect with others as they face health challenges, and private struggles. We are entrusted with a sacred gift. The decisions we make on behalf of our patients might sometimes be difficult, and the consequences might be at our professional expense. But the ultimate decision to maintain the safety of those for whom we care is easy, and any repercussions we may face seem unimportant.
I didn’t become a CRNA for financial gain. When I applied to nurse anesthesia school, I didn’t have a clue about CRNA salaries. I just knew that I wanted something better for myself. Something that would be challenging, rewarding, and allow me to be “The Bold One” while fostering the compassionate care that is inherent in being a nurse. I see the realization of these wishes in relationships forged, stable vital signs, relief of pain, and the gratitude of patients that is only exceeded by my own.