In light of the challenges being faced by the healthcare community as a result of COVID-19, it has come to our attention that nurse anesthetists may be asked to function in the capacity of registered nurses. 

If you have coverage through AANA Insurance Services, your policy provides you coverage not only for the work you do as a nurse anesthetist, but also any work you do as a registered nurse. This may not be the case if you purchased coverage through a different insurance company.

Should you end up working in a role other than as a nurse anesthetist, please note that the only type of malpractice coverage you would be eligible for would be that of a nurse anesthetist. Because you are educated, trained and certified as a nurse anesthetist, you are held to a higher legal standard than that of a registered nurse. As an example, should you only provided professional services as a registered nurse, you would not be eligible for registered nurse malpractice insurance. Registered nurse malpractice policies specifically exclude coverage for applicants that have been certified as nurse anesthetists.

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