AANA Updates

Important Member Benefits Announcement

  • Dec 19, 2019

We are excited to announce the beginning of a relationship with Caprock Insurance Partners. It is important to the AANA that we continue to serve our members to the best of our ability. To make the best member benefits available to you, we have decided to affiliate with Caprock through the Member Advantage Program. Caprock brings to the table a suite of individual Disability Income Insurance options for CRNAs. We find it important to introduce an experienced, trusted insurance provider to help you facilitate your proper income protection planning. After completing extensive due diligence on this subject, we have concluded that Caprock Insurance Partners is a seasoned, capable resource to assist CRNAs with their Disability Income protection planning.

The Caprock Team can help you plan for your financial future by providing the following benefits:
  • Top-Tier Disability Insurance Carriers
  • Guaranteed Level Premium Structure to Age 65 & No premium increases
  • Customizable policy rider options like:
    • “True Own Occupation” policy language
    • Extended Partial Disability Benefit
    • Future Insurability Option
    • Cost of Living Adjustment
    • Catastrophic Disability Benefit
  • A service model that reflects many years of experience working exclusively with CRNAs
  • An Exclusive Discount Program for AANA Members
We are thrilled to welcome Caprock Insurance Partners to the AANA Member Advantage Program. If you would like additional information on how Caprock can help you with your insurance planning needs, please contact them through their website: caprock-insurance.com.