How to propose an amendment to the AANA Bylaws or Standing Rules 

Members who wish to submit an amendment to the AANA Bylaws or Standing Rules should review the process outlined below. The bylaw amendment process is referenced in the AANA Bylaws under Article XVII – Amendments.   

The DEADLINE for submission of amendments is no later than 90 days before the Annual Business Meeting. The exact date is posted on the AANA website's Annual Business Meeting Information page.

Please review the following documents for additional guidance:

Please submit proposed amendments via email, no later than the deadline date, as an attachment (Word format is preferred) to the Executive Unit at or directly to Mary Scheuermann at  

(NOTE: Submission of amendments by 90 day deadline to the Executive Unit e-mail address or to fulfills the requirement in AANA Bylaws, Article XVII that a proposed amendment “must be submitted in writing to the CEO of the AANA for arrival at the Executive Office no later than 90 days before the Annual Business Meeting”)

Mid-Year Assembly (MYA) Bylaws and Resolutions Hearing

  • Hearing concerning resolutions and proposed bylaw or standing rule amendments occurs at Mid-Year Assembly (MYA) in the spring of each year, prior to the amendment submission deadline. (Note: For the date and time of this hearing, see AANA Meetings for meeting dates and programs.)
  • Hearing provides a forum for member discussion of resolutions and proposed bylaw or standing rule amendments.
  • No votes or other formal actions are taken on proposed resolutions or amendments at the MYA.
  • Member is not required to present a proposed amendment at the MYA hearing; whether to do so is at the discretion of the proposers of an amendment.
  • If a member would like to have a proposed amendment presented for discussion at the MYA hearing, please provide the amendment in proper template format (see link above) no later than three weeks prior to the hearing date by e-mail to (e-mail is preferred; call 847-655-1101 to determine other acceptable methods of delivery).
  • Copies of amendments to be discussed will be posted on AANA Meeting App

 The MYA hearing typically proceeds as follows:

  • The Bylaws Committee chair presents any proposed amendments for discussion.
  • After introducing the subject of a particular amendment, the chair asks whether a proposer of the amendment would like to speak to the amendment. It is not necessary to inform the AANA or the chair in advance of which proposer (if any), will speak, and it is not required to have a proposer speak to the amendment.
  • The amendment is then open to discussion by any member in attendance at the MYA hearing.
  • No vote or formal action is taken on the proposed amendments at the MYA hearing.

Should they choose to do so, proposers may make revisions to any proposed amendment after the MYA hearing, provided that all final proposed amendments must be submitted to the AANA office no later than 90 days before the Annual Business Meeting.

AANA Bylaws Committee

  • Following the official submission deadline, the AANA Bylaws Committee meets to review any proposed amendments to the AANA Bylaws or Standing Rules.  
  • Committee reviews proposed amendments for proper format and for any conflicts with existing bylaws provisions.
  • Committee does not take a “position” concerning proposed amendments.

Annual notice to members of Proposed Amendments to AANA Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • Posted on the member side of the AANA website in July 2020
  • Link is published in the July 2020 AANA NewsBulletin.
  • Posted on AANA Annual Congress APP

Annual Business Meeting

  • The Annual Business Meeting takes place during the Annual Congress. 
  • Requires a quorum of 200 members representing 25 states present at the meeting.  
  • Members at the business meeting will discuss and may amend any proposed amendments to the AANA Bylaws and Standing Rules in order to get them in final form. 

Electronic approval of final versions of proposed amendments to Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • When all discussion and any amendments to the proposed amendments have been made, the meeting will conclude.
  • “Final” proposed set of amendments to the AANA Bylaws and Standing Rules will be made available to ALL eligible AANA voting members to electronically vote for adoption.
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Director of Governance and Board Affairs at or 847-655-1101.