CPC Resources - Class A & B Credits

As of 2016, CRNAs are recertified under a process developed by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). The AANA Continuing Education Committee (CEC) has developed all of the resources CRNAs need to understand and meet the requirements of the NBCRNA's new Continued Professional Certification (CPC) program. These resources include websites detailing the specifics and timelines of the CPC program, educational resources to meet the new requirements, and tools to help track your progress. Key aspects of the CPC program include:

  • Class A credits (assessed CE): 60 credits every four year cycle
  • Class B credits (professional development): 40 credits every four year cycle. Submit Class B Credits
  • Core Modules: Every four years; however, optional for first four year cycle
  • CPC Examination: Every eight years; it is not pass/fail

More detailed information on the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program can be found at www.nbcrna.com/CPC.

Class B Credit FAQs

What is Class B credit?

Class B credits are a component of the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Program. Class B credits include a wide range of professional activities that enhance knowledge of anesthesia practice, support patient safety, or foster an understanding of the health care environment. CRNAs may already be engaged in many Class B credit activities for their licensure or hospital requirement, such as participating in mission trips, attending a conference, precepting students, being a committee or board member, or taking life support course (ACLS and PALS). Prior approval and assessment are not required for Class B activities. 

Use the NBCRNA’s Class B Activity Table to review the types of activities that qualify as Class B credit and the corresponding documentation needed for submission. If a type of activity is of interest to you, and you are concerned it does not/would not fit under any of the categories on the table, contact the NBCRNA at cpc@nbcrna.com for assistance.

How many Class B credits are required for the CPC Program?

There are 40 Class B credits that are required for each four-year cycle of the CPC Program. All activities that are reported must have occurred during the corresponding, reporting CPC Program cycle.

All Class A credits above the required 60 per 4-year CPC Program cycle can be applied towards the Class B credit requirement (of 40), where one Class A credit = one Class B credit. However, Class B credits cannot be used towards meeting Class A credit requirements.

Class B credit values do not necessarily relate directly to time expended on the activity. Each activity or category of activity has a predetermined Class B credit reporting value.

How do I report Class B Credits?

AANA provides a location for all members to track Class B credit in real time on AANA Learn, AANA’s online learning portal. Once submitted, the Class B credits will automatically appear on your AANA transcript. Submit Class B Credits

Please Note: AANA only handles the technical aspects of Class B credit submissions while the NBCRNA handles all matters pertaining to Class B credit categorization, content, and credit.

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