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Corporate Partnerships

AANA is the professional association representing CRNAs across the nation.
We actively form collaborative relationships with corporate partners
to leverage the important work of each other as we advance patient
safety, practice excellence and the profession.

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Corporate Industry Council

Corporate Industry Council

Let’s move our shared goals forward together.  

Become a member of the new AANA Corporate Industry Council as we take the lead in
developing patient-centered care initiatives and advance safe anesthesia care for all patients.

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Advertising Opportunities

CRNAs are highly valued in today's healthcare environment.
Reach nearly 53,000 
influential CRNAs and student registered
nurse anesthetists who are highly skilled, 
educated, hands-on providers,
selecting and administering millions of safe and
effective anesthetics annually.


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Assemblies & Workshops

The AANA offers members numerous educational courses to expand
their knowledge and abilities, 
from clinical proficiency to leadership skills.

Reach over 1,500 practicing CRNAs with this unique opportunity to put your
products and services in front of the best and brightest in nurse anesthesia.

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AANA Meetings and Workshops

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Affinity Marketing
AANA Member Advantage Program

Building strong relationships always begins on a personal level.
So, whether you're looking to boost sales, bolster awareness or build client
relations, growth thrives on networking within professional organizations.
AANA provides the ultimate opportunity for truly effective business relationship marketing.


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Free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation and needs assessment.

Wendy Stoner, Industry Marketing Manager