AANA Bylaw Language


Article VII – Committees

Section 7. Duties and Composition of Elected Committees.

B. Resolutions Committee:
        (1) The Resolutions Committee shall consist of five Active members of the AANA elected by the membership, and shall serve for a one-year term.
        (2) The Resolutions Committee shall perform those duties stated in Article XI.

Article XI – Resolutions

Section 1. Requirements of a Resolution

A. Resolutions shall be submitted to the CEO of the AANA, signed by at least 25 Active members or the BOARD or an AANA Elected Committee, for arrival at the Executive Office no later than 90 days before the annual Business Meeting.
B. Definition: A resolution is a written “main motion” (submitted in advance of the annual Business Meeting) which contains serious subject matter potentially having significant impact on the business of the AANA.

Section 2. Review and Publication of Resolutions

A. All resolutions submitted to the CEO, as provided above, shall be referred to the Resolutions Committee for review and consideration. The Committee is authorized to rephrase resolutions for purposes of clarity.
B. Proposed resolutions shall be published at least 30 days prior to the annual Business Meeting.

Section 3. Hearing

At the annual meeting of the AANA, the Resolutions Committee shall hold an open hearing at which time all duly submitted resolutions may be discussed. The time and location of the open hearing shall be announced to the membership.

Section 4. Emergency Resolutions

Resolutions not submitted in advance, as provided in Section 1 above, may be submitted to the Resolutions Committee at the time and place of the Resolutions Hearing. Resolutions submitted at such hearing shall be designated as Emergency Resolutions. Consideration of any Emergency Resolution by the membership shall first require a majority vote of the membership present and voting at the annual Business Meeting as to its proper designation as an Emergency Resolution.

Section 5. Adoption of Resolutions

A. The Resolutions Committee shall formulate recommendations on all resolutions, those duly submitted and those designated as Emergency Resolutions and shall present their recommendations to the membership at the business meeting.
B. The membership shall consider each resolution separately.
C. Emergency Resolutions require a two-thirds vote for adoption.
D. Any resolution duly adopted shall be binding on the Board of Directors, which shall be responsible for the implementation of such resolution.

Section 6. Modification of Adopted Resolutions

Notwithstanding the foregoing, all resolutions adopted by the membership shall be reviewed annually by the Resolutions Committee for evaluation of their continued appropriateness. In the event that the Resolutions Committee determines a resolution is no longer appropriate or otherwise requires modification, the Committee shall submit appropriate suggestions for termination or modification to the Board of Directors to be considered by the Board of Directors for submission in the form of a resolution at the next annual meeting. All resolutions proposed by the Board for termination or modification of an existing resolution shall be submitted and acted upon in the same manner as all other resolutions as provided for in these Bylaws.

Meeting Dates

  • Conference Calls in Fall and Spring to review resolutions
  • Chair attends Mid-Year Assembly to present proposed resolutions.
  • Committee meets at Annual Congress.

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