Practice Committee

FY2020 Practice Committee

Back row (standing), from left to rightMelissa Hudson, DNP, MSNA, CRNA, ARNP; James Furstein, PhD, DNAP, NP, CRNA; Reagin McCammon, BSN, RN, CCRN, Student Representative; Joseph Pellegrini, DNP, PhD, MS, BSNA, CRNA; Jessica Poole, DNAP, CRNA, Chair.

Front row (seated), from left to rightSherry Bernardo, DNP, MHA, MSN, CRNA; Valentina Lukyanova, PhD, AANA staff; Barbara Anderson, JD, AANA staff; Tiffany Martin, MSN, CRNA, APRN.

PRACTICE Committee Position Description Sept 2019

AANA Bylaw Language

Article VII, Section 5, G: Practice Committee

The members of the Practice Committee shall be representative of current CRNA practice settings.  The Committee shall review the practice of nurse anesthesia and the implications concerning work environment, practice management, and patient safety and shall formulate recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors.

Meeting Dates

  • One face-to-face meeting at the Joint Committee Conference (JCC) in August/September.
  • Conference calls are scheduled monthly, each lasting one to two hours; all committee members are expected to participate on these calls.
  • CRNA committee members can expect to review and provide consultation on practice-related documents according to the AANA’s evidence-based (EB) process. At the first committee meeting, the EB process is reviewed and discussed. 

Note: Given a nurse anesthesia student’s academic responsibilities, a student committee member will not receive additional work above that which is required for scheduled meeting participation (e.g., reviewing background material sent in advance of scheduled meetings). 

For the Fiscal Year 2020 Committee:

  • ​September 14-16, 2019 - Park Ridge, Ill.

For the Fiscal Year 2021 Committee:

  • ​September 12-13, 2020 - Park Ridge, Ill.

AANA Staff