Nominating Committee

Tracy Young, Region 7, Chair MSNA, MBA, CRNA CEO YPS Anesthesia, LLC

Mr. Tracy Young, MSNA, MBA, CRNA, CEO of YPS Anesthesia, graduated with his Master in Science Nurse Anesthesia from Texas Wesleyan University in 2000 and immediately began his practice providing services to several facilities in Louisiana.  His practice was very autonomous, and he provided OR and OB coverage for medium-sized hospitals.  Mr. Young also received a Masters in Business Administration-Healthcare from the George Washington University in 2008 and is currently the CEO of YPS Anesthesia.  His time is spent overseeing the administrative duties and growth of YPS Anesthesia and its subsidiaries which includes exclusive anesthesia contracts at over 55 facilities in 6 states and over 450 anesthesia providers.  Mr. Young also has diverse investment holdings inside and outside of healthcare and he is a two time past State President for the Louisiana State Association of Nurse Anesthetist as well as currently sitting on several other boards.

NOMINATING Committee Position Description Oct 2017

AANA Bylaw Language

Article VII – Committees. Section 7. Duties and Composition of Elected Committees.

A. Nominating Committee:

  1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of seven Active members elected by the membership, one from each AANA region, and shall serve for a two-year term.  Four members will be elected in even-numbered years and three members will be elected in odd-numbered years.
  2. In the event of a vacancy on the Committee, a member from the vacant region shall be elected by the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall elect its own Chair.
  4. A Committee member shall not be a candidate for any other elected position within the AANA while serving on the Committee.
  5. A Committee member shall not serve in any other elected position within the AANA while serving on the Committee.
  6. The Committee shall perform those duties stated in Article VI.


Article VI – Elections (excerpt below)

Section 1. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for slating and solicitation of candidates for office for the AANA Board of Directors and elected committees. Committee members will identify and recruit members who have potential to be effective leaders to serve in various AANA elected offices by contacting state association leaders, committee chairs, and other members to encourage interest in running for AANA’s elected positions.  The Committee shall observe all AANA Bylaws and Standing Rules regarding nominations and elections. Unless otherwise stated in the AANA Bylaws and Standing Rules, all rules and procedures for the conduct of nominations shall be established by the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. Presentation of Slate of Candidates

The Nominating Committee shall present its slate of candidates at the assembly of states meeting prior to the annual Business Meeting.

Meeting Dates

  • 1st face-to-face networking meeting (not mandatory) – August during the Annual Congress
  • Conference Call – February to finalize the ballot.
  • Several conference calls are usually held each year to discuss the business of the committee.

AANA Staff

  • Luis Rivera, MBA, CAE, Senior Director, State Management Affairs