AANA Foundation

Student Advocate Program

AANA Foundation Student Advocates serve as a liaison between the Foundation and each student’s respective nurse anesthesia program. Student Advocates share information about the Foundation with their student colleagues including general information, dates and deadlines for Foundation events, scholarships, and awards. The Student Advocate program is designed to provide students with a mutually-beneficial relationship in which the AANA Foundation delivers mentoring, networking, and professional development opportunities. The program provides students with many opportunities for professional growth and development, and serves as a mechanism to increase awareness among students regarding the valuable work conducted by the AANA Foundation that “advances the science of anesthesia through education and research.”

Mentorship – Each Student Advocate is paired with a member of the AANA Foundation Board of Trustees We encourage students to reach out to these mentors and establish a relationship to assist with Foundation questions and also any other concerns or questions you may have on your journey from being a student to graduating and accepting a position as a CRNA. Many states also have Foundation State Advocates that can be mentors and partners in Foundation state efforts.

Time Commitment – New Student Advocates are asked to attend a one-hour orientation call and then to attend quarterly one-hour phone/Skype meetings which take place from 7-8 CT. Following these meetings, a one-page Foundation Update is emailed to Student Advocates to distribute to students in your nurse anesthesia program. A short presentation to students in your nurse anesthesia program is also a requirement. Foundation staff will provide options such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Animoto video.

Many students also host fun gatherings and fundraisers on behalf of the Foundation. These often take place in conjunction with the Nurse Anesthesia State Meeting. You will also have an access to a crowd-funding campaign to offer your classmates the opportunity to support the Foundation with a $25 annual donation.

If your nurse anesthesia program does not have a Student Advocate and you would like to apply, please complete and submit a Student Advocate Application. The Spring Application deadline is March 31 and the Fall Application deadline is October 31.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Luanne Irvin at lirvin@aana.com or (847) 655-1173.