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Fellowship Application

Closed. Application will open in mid-February 2020.

Before beginning an application, please ensure that your AANA username is your email address. If you change your login information later, your progress will be lost.

The mission of the AANA Foundation is to advance the science of anesthesia through education and research. One of the goals of the AANA Foundation is to support new and seasoned investigators in nurse anesthesia through fellowships, post doctoral fellowships, and grants. Programs are designed to develop researchers in nurse anesthesia. The applicant must be the individual using the funds for the project, and must discuss the research's relevance to the mission of the AANA Foundation. Fellowships are awarded to AANA members only.

The AANA Foundation sets a broad research agenda that includes the following areas:

  • Healthcare policy
  • Science of anesthesia
  • Education
  • Practice/Clinical
  • Leadership

Download the AANA Foundation Research Agenda

NOTE: According to Foundation policy, the primary researcher’s salary and/or benefits will not be funded. Please see the program policy.

Complete this online application to apply for an AANA Foundation Fellowship or Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Only one application per team will be accepted. All required information must be submitted in order to be reviewed. The application fee is $50 for the first fellowship and $10 for each additional fellowship. You will pay online via credit card at the end of this application.


  1. Award recipients MUST provide IRB/IACUC approval or exemption documentation (or attestation that IRB is not applicable) within 12 months of award notification if it is not included with the online application. (We will notify all applicants of award status approximately three months after the application's submission deadline.) Your application must include a statement about your current status regarding IRB/IACUC approval.
  2. All doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship applicants must retain an academic advisor to mentor them while conducting research.
  3. The application will be evaluated based on the quality of the applicant's research project and the impact to nurse anesthesia. A formal, well-documented research project with strong rigor is required, and will be evaluated on a competitive basis. Only detailed projects will be accepted; simple proposals will not.
  4. Funds will not be given for research that has already been completed.
  5. The Foundation's limited funds are based on contributions. As a result, our revised policy is to not fund travel, tuition or other educational expenses, which in turn enables us to provide more evidence-based support.
  6. A fellowship will not be awarded if the application is submitted within six months prior to graduation.
  7. All applicants must do the following prior to completing the online application:

We recommend Internet Explorer for best results when completing your application. You may experience technical difficulties if you use other browsers. Download Troubleshooting Your Technical Issues. Tech support is available Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM CT only, so we recommend completing your application well before the deadline.

You are required to read all instructions above, as well as the troubleshooting guide (if necessary), before you begin your application. If you have any issues logging in, please contact websupport@aana.com

REQUIRED! Please name all uploaded attachments for your application with your personal information as follows:

LastName_FirstName_DescriptiveFileName (i.e., Doe_John_CV)