AANA Diversity and Inclusion

The AANA Board of Directors is proud of the implementation of the AANA Diversity & Inclusion Committee to engage with nurse anesthetists and external experts by developing the strategic framework to integrate cultural sensitivity, diversity, inclusion, and equity within our profession. This represents AANA's core values of quality, professionalism, service, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion.

I AM ME Campaign

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) is observing it with our second annual “I AM ME” campaign. We asked Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (SRNAs) to send a photo and three sentences about what makes you, you! The personalized “I AM ME” statements will be posted on the AANA’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels the entire month of April. Please share widely with fellow CRNAs and SRNAs! #IAmMe

Thank you to all of our 2019 "I AM ME" participants!

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Cultural Competency ​Training Resources

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Value of Healthcare Diversity

How Harlem Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia was Born...
Learn how former AANA President (1973-74) Goldie Brangman, MEd, MBA, CRNA, became the first African American program director and helped to create the nurse anesthesia program at Harlem Hospital in New York.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Jorge Valdes, DNP, CRNA, ARNP - Chair 
  • Terrica Durbin, DNP, CRNA, APN
  • Lisa Riedel, DNP, CRNA
  • Monica Rose PhD, CRNA
  • Jose Castillo III, PhD, MS, CRNA, ARNP
  • Jonathon Alvarado, MS, CRNA, ARNP
  • Virginia “Ginny” Ferrara, MSNA, CRNA
  • Juan Quintana, DNP, MHS, CRNA (Past President Liaison)
  • Gabriel Vazquez, BSN, RN (Student Representative)
  • Debra Diaz, DNP, CRNA, APRN, CDR, USN(Ret) (AANA Board of Directors Liaison)

AANA Staff

  • Karen Sutkus, Administrative Associate
  • Marlene McDowell, MA, Assistant Director, Public Relations

    Email:  diversity@aana.com