The research department is responsible for consulting on research matters, assessing current research being conducted, and targeting research topics based on trends identified by the AANA and AANA Foundation's strategic plans.  Please review the AANA and AANA Foundation's Research Agenda to learn more about key research topics for future research studies.

From year to year, articles regarding the safety and cost effectiveness of CRNAs are published in premium research journals. Read about timely and pertinent research regarding Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), health service research, and health policy.
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The purpose of the Research Discussion Forum is to provide a platform for those individuals interested in research to delve more deeply into research and anesthesia related topics.  Join the discussion now.  
  • Sending an Electronic Survey to AANA Members
  • AANA Mailing Labels for Research and Non-Research Purposes
  • Email Solicitation for Research Participants at AANA Meetings
The AANA Research Department and the AANA Foundation promote and facilitate the knowledge and utilization of research in anesthesia, and support professional development. In addition to fundraising efforts, the AANA Foundation also supports those who conduct and promote research which advances the science of anesthesia. Learn more about how the AANA foundation supports research through opportunities such as funding and research awards. 
See what other training and funding opportunities are available.
Research and Quality Resources (Login Required) NEW!
This page contains links to recorded Webinars, meeting materials and related tools for quality reporting. This page also houses our Research Abstract Repository. At no cost to members, all students and CRNAs are encouraged to enter published or unpublished abstracts to the Repository. Enter your abstract today.

 Ask the Researcher

Are you a CRNA or student registered nurse anesthetist with research related questions? The AANA Research and Quality Division will assist you with your research related question(s) regarding research and surveys for nurse anesthetists or student registered nurse anesthetists.  Send your questions to

 Discoveries of Distinction

Discoveries of Distinction provided highlights about outstanding, timely and innovated research by CRNAs funded by the AANA Foundation.

 The Mission

Advancing the Science of Anesthesia through Education and Research