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AANA Document Definitions and Policies
Introductory documents to the Professional Practice Manual for the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  The table of contents, document definitions, and policies governing the evidence-based process are linked.       
Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics for the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist are principles of conduct and professional integrity that guide decision making and behavior of nurse anesthetists.
Scope of Practice
The Scope of Nurse Anesthesia Practice addresses the responsibilities associated with anesthesia practice that are performed in collaboration with other qualified healthcare providers.
Standards are authoritative statements that describe the minimum rules and responsibilities for which nurse anesthetists are accountable. Standards represent expected behaviors that must be demonstrated by a nurse anesthetist’s professional practice.
Guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners in clinical decision making that are commonly accepted within the discipline of the anesthesia profession. 
Quality of Care in Anesthesia
Synopsis of published information comparing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and anesthesiologist patient outcomes.
Supporting Documents in Anesthesia Practice
Supporting resource documents addressing pertinent topics to nurse anesthesia practice. 
Position Statements
Position statements articulate the AANA’s official positions or beliefs about certain nurse anesthesia practice related topics.  They may define the knowledge and abilities necessary to fulfill the professional functions and role of the nurse anesthetist.
Practice Considerations
Practice considerations are advisory documents intended to provide practice elements that support clinicians in the practice of anesthesia.
Policy Considerations
Considerations for policy development are informational advisory documents intended to assist external entities in the development of policies that impact nurse anesthesia practice.
Advisory Opinion
Advisory opinions are statements that provide general recommendations that reflect consensus of the anesthesia profession.  Describe appropriate role/behavior/decision making for specific situations.
Joint Position Statement
Joint position statements are consensus statements promulgated by AANA and other professional organizations.
Forms and Resources
Supplemental templates, forms and resource documents related to nurse anesthesia clinical practice and practice management can be found on the Practice Management pages:

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