Evidence-Based Practice Modules and Tutorials

  • The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) offers two evidence-based practice modules to provide an overview of EBP.

  • The Capital District Research Alliance offers evidence-based practice lessons as part of a 12-lesson EB educational program. 

  • Duke University/University of North Carolina offers an online tutorial for healthcare practitioners and students who require foundational information regarding the principals of evidence-based practice.

  • Online training modules are offered by Evidence-Based Behavioral-Practice (EBBP).  Participants receive CE credits upon completion.  Modules include the EBBP process, the Search for Evidence, Systematic Review, Critical Appraisal, Randomized Controlled Trials, Shared Decision-Making with Individual Clients, Collaborative Decision-Making with Communities, Stakeholder Dialogue about Evidence-Based Practice, and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices.

  • An online Evidence Based Practice Interprofessional Tutorial is accessible that offers guidance on the five-step evidence-based process and how to apply it using case scenarios.  This tutorial is beneficial to medical professionals, faculty and students in healthcare fields as well as anyone else interested in learning about the EB process.

  • The University of Minnesota’s Bio-Medical Library offers a variety of evidence-based practice resources, tips and tutorials.  Their goal is to provide services that enhance the skills required to conduct research, literature searches and other EB components.