Peer Assistance

AANA Peer Assistance is support for CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists for chemical dependency, addiction, substance use disorder (SUD), or substance abuse.

Peer Assistance Helpline (800) 654-5167 

If you or someone you know needs assistance, help is available! 

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Wearing Masks and other Educational Aids

Wellness and Chemical Dependency Online Educational Resources

Information for:

Unhealthy coping following an adverse event can lead to substance abuse and chemical dependency - see resources for dealing with the emotional impact, see critical incident stress management 
resources for dealing with the emotional impact:


 Book Review

Reviewer: Art Zwerling, CRNA, DNP, DAAPM 
Reviewers: Ann Bostic, CRNA, DNP and Martha Kral, CRNA, BSN

 Health & Wellness Contacts


Peer Assistance in Your State

Peer Assistance Advisors

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hotline
1 (800) 273-TALK
Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR)
(713) 201-3948
Health and Wellness Committee

Julie Rice, BA Manager AANA Health, 
Wellness, and Peer Assistance Programs  (847) 655-1114 or


 Drug Diversion


USA Today Addresses Drug Diversion Issue

A video interview with CRNA Anita Bertrand is featured in a USA Today article, “Doctors, Medical Staff on Drugs Put Patients at Risk,” published in print and online editions on April 16, 2014. The impetus for the article was the recently formed Drug Diversion Prevention Committee’s work to bring awareness to the topic with the goal for broad based nationwide improvements in preventing diversion. Learn more (member log-in required).


 State Peer Advisors Info


​State Peer Advisors (SPA) are an integral part of the AANA's peer support network. 

More information about the important SPA volunteer role:

  • Criteria and responsibilities
  • How to apply
  • Tools for SPAs