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 Peer Support - September 2105 lists


​Following are two lists referenced in the September 2015 Peer Assistance News article, Peer Support an Evolving Model of Care (link to article above).

Principles of Recovery (source Kaplan, 2008)

  • Recovery has many pathways
  • Recovery is self-directed and empowering
  • Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change
  • Recovery is holistic, involving body, mind, relationships and spirit
  • Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and wellness
  • Recovery emerges from hope and gratitude
  • Recovery is a process of healing and self-redefinition
  • Recovery involves transcending shame and stigma
  • Recovery is supported by peers and allies
  • Recovery is rejoining and rebuilding a life in the community
  • Recovery is a reality

Peer Support "Best Practice Model" Recommendations (source

  1. Defining what constitutes “Peer Support”
  2. Ensuring extensive consumer involvement
  3. Developing clear role definitions for peer support workers
  4. Employing standard approaches to training
  5. Providing health care worker education across the system
  6. Staging implementation of new peer support programs
  7. Examination of environmental factors.