Workplace Ergonomics for Anesthesia Professionals

The anesthesia work environment offers unique challenges due to ergonomic wellness because of some equipment is fixed in its location, creating difficulties when mobility would be advantageous.  The ergonomics of anesthesia must take into account the mental as well as physical stressors associated with the job.  Unfortunately, ergonomics is an area of anesthesia that has received little attention and should be addressed through more education and training for workplace wellness.  


 Ergonomic Resources


Tips from CRNAs

  • For maximum neck comfort, adjust the vertical position of the screen. To find the ideal, sit comfortably in your chair, close both eyes and relax, then slowly reopen. Position screen where your gaze initially focuses. Martha Kral, CRNA
  • Freezing cold in the OR? Buy a chargeable warming vest that stays warm for up to 8 hours! Order a waist cooling wrap for warm blooded colleagues. Debbie Barber, CRNA

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