Wellness in the Workplace

A well anesthesia professional is one who uses healthy, adaptive coping strategies to combat stress and fatigue in the workplace and home. See below for workplace health and wellness stories, and preventative strategies - thinking positively, advocating for a well workplace, getting involved, and 10 simple stretches. 

Have you been involved in a perioperative casualty/adverse medical event?

Follow this link to helpful information on coping and tools for building a clinician and staff support program.​


Workplace Wellness Topics​ ​

Disruptive Behavior/Workplace Incivility

Workplace Ergonomics 

Fatigue and Sleep

Stress Management
Safety in the Workplace ​
Working with a Disability

Career Transitions

CRNA Fitness-For-Duty

The concept of a CRNA's professional responsibility to be fit-for-duty is covered in the AANA publication,
A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA: Second Edition,
chapter 20 "Promoting Professional Wellness." 

Workplace Joy and Well-Being is Linked to Patient Safety
Financial Fitness and Legal Issues topics to follow soon. 
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 Workplace Wellness Happenings


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