Wellness in the Workplace

A well anesthesia professional is one who uses healthy, adaptive coping strategies to combat stress and fatigue at work and home. At work, a healthy fit-for-duty CRNA is integral to providing safe patient care. See below for healthy workplace tools and resources to handle disruptive behavior, impaired colleagues, adverse events and career transitions; tips to be safe, manage stress, avoid burnout, think positively, advocate for a well workplace, and get involved.
Experiencing professional hostility in your workplace? 
Have you been involved in a perioperative casualty/adverse medical event?
Workplace Wellness Topics​ ​
Adverse/Critical Events
Career Transitions​
Impaired Colleagues
Safety/Workplace Violence ​​
New - Substance Use Disorder Workplace Resources
Working with a Disability
What can you do
CRNA Fitness-For-Duty
AANA A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA: Second Edition,
chapter 20 "Promoting Professional Wellness." 
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