Wellness and Chemical Dependency Curriculum

The AANA presents the Wellness and Chemical Dependency in the Nurse Anesthesia Profession  courses available to purchase at www.AANALearn.com 

The online interactive learning is comprised of six modules presented in three different formats for use based on education needs.  You'll find these three catalogs on AANALearn®:

AANA Faculty Curriculum
  • One-seat for face-to-face presentation
  • Package includes content for all 6 modules, test questions that can be used for class, and references
  • Package price $210/member, $300/nonmember
  • 27 month access through AANA password*
AANA Student Nurse
Anesthetists Courses
  • 6 individual interactive learning modules
  • Module price $35/member, $50/nonmember 
  • Completion certificate/no CE
  • 100% pass required; unlimited attempts with wrong answers indicated.
  • 27 month access through AANA password*​
 AANA CE Courses 
  • 6 individual online interactive learning modules
  • Module price $35/member, $50/nonmember 
  • 1 CE per module
  • 80% pass required; 3 attempts allowed
  • 90 day access through AANA password

*Access to content good for 27 months (999 days based on system settings); if needed longer than this, contact AANALearn® for extension. 

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Wellness Chemical Dependency Modules - Additional Information ​
Module Titles and Learner Outcomes 
  1. Health and Wellness: The Role and Responsibility of the Anesthesia Professional
  2. Stress: Understanding Causes and Consequences
  3. Stressors Encountered in the Healthcare System and How to Cope More Effectively
  4. Risk & Exposure: The Signs, Symptoms, Pathophysiology and Co-morbidities of Substance Abuse
  5. Management of Chemical Dependency & Addiction (Intervention, Treatment/Rehabilitation, Recovery, Re-entry: Return to Practice, and Avoiding Relapse)
  6. Understanding the Environment for Successful Building and Sustaining of a Personal Wellness Plan


References and Supplemental Materials

Each learning module is accompanied by a References document including information and links to supplemental material.  We've posted it here for your review and as a future reference too: WCDNAP References 

Check out resources on the Wellness Research and Education page (link to Wearing Masks modules, etc.)
Faculty Curriculum