Wellness and Chemical Dependency Curriculum

AANA Wellness and Chemical Dependency in the Nurse Anesthesia Profession 

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Wellness and Substance Use Disorder (Chemical Dependency) Modules
Module Titles​
  1. Health and Wellness: The Role and Responsibility of the Anesthesia Professional
  2. Stress: Understanding Causes and Consequences
  3. Stressors Encountered in the Healthcare System and How to Cope More Effectively
  4. Risk & Exposure: The Signs, Symptoms, Pathophysiology and Co-morbidities of Substance Abuse
  5. Management of Chemical Dependency & Addiction (Intervention, Treatment/Rehabilitation, Recovery, Re-entry: Return to Practice, and Avoiding Relapse)
  6. Understanding the Environment for Successful Building and Sustaining of a Personal Wellness Plan
References and Supplemental Materials