WCDNAP: What do the modules look like?

​Wellness and Chemical Dependency in the Nurse Anesthesia Profession Modules

To give you an idea of what the interactive learning modules that comprise the WCDNAP look like, we've included a screen shot example from each of the six modules below.  As the leaner progresses through the narrated modules by clicking the arrows on each slide, many of the slides include interactive elements creating an engaged learning experience. 



Module 1

Health and Wellness: The Role and Responsibility of the Anesthesia Professional​​



Module 2

Stress: Understanding Causes and Consequences




Module 3:  

Stressors Encountered in the Healthcare System and How to Cope More Effectively



Module 4: 

Risk & Exposure:  The Signs, Symptoms, Pathophysiology and Co-morbidities of Substance Abuse



Module 5: 

Management of Chemical Dependency & Addiction (Intervention, Treatment/Rehabilitation, Recovery, Re-entry: Return to Practice, and Avoiding Relapse)



Module 6: 

Understanding the Environment for Successful Building and Sustaining of a Personal Wellness Plan


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