Wellness and Chemical Dependency Curriculum Ideas

Some ideas to accompany your curriculum and/or utilize the Wellness/CD modules:

Timing – it’s never too early to start:
  • Assign 1 or more modules as an application prerequisite. Knowledge of the occupational risk for addiction before entry to nurse anesthesia school could potentially deter individuals who realize personal vulnerabilities. Note: programs considering the prerequisite can contract AANALearn staff to arrange availability at the member rate if prior to associate membership. CE version can be used for nursing requirements. 
  • Include the family in orientation – show a Wearing Masks segment www.AANA.com/WearingMasks and/or module 4, “Risk and Exposure: The Signs, Symptoms, Pathophysiology and Co-morbidities of Substance Abuse." Viewing would be beneficial, and perhaps lifesaving, if loved ones were aware of the risk and the tools to identify abuse.
  • It is strongly recommended to provide awareness of the risk for chemical dependency as early as possible in nurse anesthesia program and also just before starting clinical.
Options to add the personal touch to the module content: 
  • Assign the Student or CE version for completion outside of class time, say in conjunction with Professional Aspects or other curriculum. Combine with group discussion of the content during class time to enhance the learning through individualization and reflection.
  • Accompany Faculty Curriculum voice over modules with lectures, personal stories, questions, and discussions.
  • Invite a CNRA in recovery to visit and tell their story, to dispel the myth “this could never happen to someone like me." Ask your State Peer Advisor for contact information.
Supplemental materials: 
  •  Review each module’s Additional Resources document for other readings and materials.
  • www.AANA.com/WellnessCurriculum for related and new Health and Wellness Research and Published Resources.
  • Integrate related learning resources, such as:
    • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) free online Workplace Violence Prevention Course for Nurses. Course divided into 13 units, each takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and allows uses to stop and restart the course as needed. 
    • National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) substance use disorder (SUD) free video and brochure, and  online CE courses.
  • Additional online supplemental information online www.AANAWellness.com and www.AANAPeerAssistance.com - see topics on the left sidebar of each page. State Health and Wellness Resources includes ideas for complementary activities. 
  • Ensure students are aware of available AANA Peer Support: helpline 800/654-5167 or www.AANAPeerAssistance.com

Share your ideas too! Send to wellness@aana.com and we'll add to this growing list.


Wellness/CD curriculum ideas - PDF version