Wearing Masks, The Series

The AANA Health and Wellness and AANA Peer Assistance Advisors committees strongly recommend that each and every one of you view this highly regarded complete collection of programs on substance abuse disorders in anesthesia.

Wearing Masks: The Series consists of eleven video segments totaling over three hours of material. These segments allow for short viewing sessions and each contains related educational resources. 

Also see:

1) Wearing Masks One (1993) 30 minute video
2) Wearing Masks: Ten Years Later 30 minute video
3) Contradictions: 25 minute video
4) Hope: The Tim Glidden Story 15 minute video
5) Alterations of Brain Pathways 19 minute video
6) The Spectrum of Intervention 27 minute video
7) The Challenge of Re-Entry 38 minute video
8) The Future of Brain Research 11 minute video
  • Advancing Addiction Science in Practical Solutions (NIDA)
9)  Support: Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) 4 minute video
10) Drug Testing 4 minute video
11) The Cost of Re-Entry 15 minute video



 Special thanks

We want to offer a special thank you to the University Of Minnesota School Of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Area of Study for their support in making this important video series available to you online. See right sidebar for download note and citation information for credits.

 Why this is important viewing

The untimely death of AANA Past President Jan Stewart, more than any other single event, awakened the nurse anesthesia profession to the harsh reality that nurse anesthetists are at an enormous risk for experiencing chemical dependency. The programs within the Wearing Masks series, produced over a 13 year period, were conceived and produced with the intention of reducing the frequency and devastating effects of this tragic disease. We believe that by educating aspiring nurse anesthetists, practicing clinicians and educators, and (perhaps most importantly) family members that lives can be saved and careers can be preserved (see above link to view the About Wellness video message from Jan Stewart's daughter).
For this effort to be successful everyone must understand the antecedents, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of chemical dependency. It is our hope and belief that, by viewing these striking vignettes, you and your family will take the first important steps towards reducing your risk of chemical dependency and towards a long and rewarding career in the nurse anesthesia profession.
The AANA strongly endorses Wearing Masks as essential viewing:
  • At nurse anesthesia state association meetings
  • In nurse anesthesia educational program classrooms
  • During in-services for anesthesia departments of hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • By all individuals who provide anesthesia to patients and assistance to healthcare practitioners
  • By family members and loved ones of anesthesia providers

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Peer Assistance Advisors

AANA Health and Wellness Committee
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 More resources


Educational Products from AANA Bookstore

Wellness Education and Research 

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) free online Workplace Violence Prevention Course for Nurses. Course divided into 13 units, each takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and allows uses to stop and restart the course as needed. 

National Institute of Health (NIH) YouTube channel


 Educators' resource


​Nurse anesthesia educators' resource:

Clark GD. A Model Didactic and Clinical Substance Abuse Curriculum Developed for Schools of Nurse Anesthesia (dissertation). Chicago: American Association of Nurse Anesthetists; September 1994. Available to download for use in MS Word or PDF.

See the Peer Assistance Advisors' Recommended Reading list that includes other published items by Gary Clark, CRNA, EdD, and listings of related articles, research, and dissertations.


 Free DVD


Previously the AANA distributed complimentary DVD sets of Wearing Masks. Today, we provide the links to view these online* or download (see below).

*Wearing Masks: The Series video made available online courtesy of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Area of Study. www.nursing.umn.edu

Download note: Permission is granted to download and share with others, for example on a university learning platform such as BlackBoard. Please include the following credit and we recommend you refer individuals for additional resources to www.AANAPeerAssistance.com
Credit:  “Wearing Masks program is posted with permission from Rainbow Productions and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.”