Walk Run - AANA 2014 Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress

2014's Ninth Annual Wellness Fun 5K Walk/Run
will be held on Tuesday, September 16


6:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.

Walk/run course will be on Marriott World Center's beautifully scenic Hawk’s Landing Golf Course.


Thank you 2014 walk/run supporter - CNA!

The theme is the Spirit of Disney! Inspired by Disney’s imagination, fun, and make believe for all ages, character themed attire is highly encouraged. 

2014 Walk/Run Chair LCDR Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, invites all to add this fun event to their AANA Annual
Congress experience! It's a great compliment to achieving knowledge and tools that support the practice of nurse
anesthesia. Participating also contributes to networking with peers (form a team with your colleagues) and this friendly and joyous morning helps in building new connections.

Sign-up on the AANA 2014 Annual Congress registration

Jump in and join the walk/run action and participate in the costume fun!

Costumes encouraged - Get Your Disney On! or Team Up!

Photo left: Drexel SRNAs enthusiastically sporting school shirts at 2013 Walk/Run in Las Vegas



am12all_ages140.jpgWalkers, runners, families, friends, and children welcome; children under 16 free.
Photo left: CRNA and son at 2012 Walk/Run in San Francisco

Top three male and female runners will be recognized. Last year's winners are pictured below - note Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, this year's walk/run chair placed first in the 2013 female runners!
Online registration now closed but you can still sign-up at AANA Meeting Registration Desk located in the Cypress Foyer before Monday at 2:00 p.m.: $40 fee after 7/15.  
Any questions, email wellness@aana.com

Want to volunteer to help? Walk/run event assistance for tasks such as water station, food table, start/finish assistance, etc. Sign-up via check box on meeting registration or email wellness@aana.com

Looking for other activities?  Informal free drop-in Yoga classes will be offered Saturday and Sunday mornings, 5:45 - 6:30 a.m. led by Orlando World Center Marriott certified Yoga instructor.


 Past Walk/Runs

​Pictured are the top three women in the 2013 Las Vegas 5K, which includes first place LCDR Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN (left). Tiffany serves as the 2014 Walk/Run chair. Follow this link to photos of past winners.  
Link to all 2013 event photos: AANA 5K (see instructions to search by bib number and download photos). 
Link to 2011 event photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aanawellness/