Walk Run - AANA 2014 Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress

2014's Ninth Annual Wellness Fun 5K Walk/Run
will be held on Tuesday, September 16


6:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. Walk/run course will be on Marriott World Center's beautifully scenic Hawk’s Landing Golf Course

The theme is the Spirit of Disney! Inspired by Disney’s imagination, fun, and make believe for all ages, character themed attire is highly encouraged. Sign-up on the AANA 2014 Annual Congress registration


Jump in and join the walk/run action and compete in the entertaining pre-race contest:

Get Your Disney On! Categories include individual, family, and group;
Team Up! Team catorgies like largest state association participants, most enthusiastic nurse anesthesia program students/faculty, best family team, etc.

Photo left: Drexel SRNAs enthusiastically sporting school shirts at 2013 Walk/Run in Las Vegas

2014 Walk/Run Chair LCDR Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, invites all to add this fun event to their AANA Annual
Congress experience! It's a great compliment to achieving knowledge and tools that support the practice of nurse
anesthesia. Participating also contributes to networking with peers (form a team with your colleagues) and this friendly and joyous morning helps in building new connections.

am12all_ages140.jpgWalkers, runners, families, friends, and children welcome; children under 16 free.
Photo left: CRNA mom and son at 2012 Walk/Run in San Francisco

Top three male and female runners will be recognized. Last year's winners are pictured below - note Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, this year's walk/run chair placed first in the 2013 female runners!
Registration fee $30 before 7/15; $40 after 7/15.
Any questions, email wellness@aana.com

Want to volunteer to help? Walk/run event assistance for tasks such as water station, food table, start/finish assistance, etc. Sign-up via check box on meeting registration or email wellness@aana.com



 2013 Walk/Run - Las Vegas

​The 2013 Las Vegas 5K was a great success! CRNAs Go the Distance - Las Vegas: Nurse Anesthetists Changing Lives, Communities, the World
Hundreds of CRNAs participated in the fun 5K for the Lifebox cause. See below for the winners listings and times.
Link to more event photos: AANA 5K (see instructions to search by bib number and download photos). 
2013 top three women finishers (below):
  1. Tiffany Uranga, CRNA (left) 21:26 min.
  2. Sarah Lancos, SRNA (middle) 21:45 min.
  3. Kaitlin Kenny, SRNA (right) 22:08 min.
2013 top three men finishers (below):
  1. Jonathon Beck (center) 6:35 min.
  2. Aaron Ainsworth, SRNA (left) 17:46 min.
  3. Kerry Varner, CRNA (right) 20:57 min.